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Bluetooth controlled 35 W LED driver solution for smart home/building usage.

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Solution Description

The solution allows wireless Bluetooth® LED lighting ON/OFF and dimming control from a smartphone in a smart home or smart building scenario.

The core of the system is a certified BlueNRG-M2 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module featuring Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor and ample memory to run LED current control firmware and BLE Mesh networking firmware to allow remote LED dimming and ON/OFF control from a mobile device running a smart lighting app like ST BLE Mesh.

The HVLED001B LED current controller, in combination with performance STD10LN80K5 MDmesh K5 Power MOSFET, implements a flyback topology to supply a highly regulated and constant DC LED current for fine, flicker-free dimming adjustment. The LED driver implements enhanced peak current control and features high power factor correction with very low distortion to ensure excellent efficiency across the entire load range, including no load conditions.

The certified BLE v5.2 module helps reduce development and certification cycles, and excellent operating and standby efficiency means eco-design standards such as Energy Star and the EU energy-related products (ErP) directive can be easily satisfied.

  • Key Product Benefits

    BlueNRG-M2 - BLE (V5.2) SoC

    This Bluetooth® Low Energy system-on-chip application processor module integrates a complete RF platform with pre-certification to accelerate development phases and optimize final application time-to-market.

    HVLED001B - high-voltage LED driver

    This LED current controller features high power conversion efficiency and finely regulated DC output for flicker-free lighting and accurate dimming control. The driver includes a host of protections against abnormal supply and load conditions, and the automatic recovery feature ensures excellent system reliability.

    STD10LN80K5 - N-channel 800 V, 8 A power MOSFET

    This very high voltage N-channel Power MOSFET features dramatically reduced on-resistance and ultra-low gate charge to help meet key energy efficiency targets. Reliability is also ensured thanks to the high safety margin offered by the breakdown rating.

  • All Features

    • Wireless connectivity using BLE module
    • ST BLE Mesh mobile app support
    • Accepts remote on/off and PWM dimming commands (10 -100%)
    • Global 90 - 265V mains input voltage range
    • 0.7 A LED current
    • 24 - 48 V LED voltage
    • THD < 15%
    • PF > 0.95 at full load for wide range input
    • Efficiency >90%
    • Standby consumption 0.3 W