Design Win

24V-250W High efficiency and compact DC/DC converter solution using MasterGaN1

Solution Description

This very high efficiency resonant LLC converter solution functions without heatsinks on the primary side, making it ideal for industrial dc-dc, adapters, and consumer SMPS applications where space is very limited.

The highly integrated componentry, starting with the MasterGaN1 SiP with embedded driver and pair of GaN FET, ensures excellent power density in the converter, and also helps reduce design complexity with integrated driving circuitry and lower overall component count.

The L6599A resonant controller provides primary side regulation through the MasterGaN SiP, with all the functions necessary to drive a resonant Half-Bridge topology. Secondary side synchronous rectification is implemented by the SRK2001 controller driving two MOSFETs, which also contributes to significant efficiency gains.

The converter is complete with overcurrent, short-circuit and overvoltage protection, with input voltage monitoring ensuring correct cascade converter sequence at startup to prevent potentially damaging operation from an insufficient input voltage.

  • Key Product Benefits

    MASTERGAN1 - Advanced Power System-in-Package

    This advanced power system-in-package manages all the complexities of GaN FET driving internally and allows safer operation than conventional silicon devices at higher frequencies, which can significantly improve thermal management and efficiency in final application designs.

    L6599A - High-voltage resonant controller

    This high-voltage resonant controller ensures high-frequency and high-efficiency primary-side regulation, with burst mode operation at light load to minimize consumption and complete protection against overload and short-circuits, simple overvoltage, and overtemperature shutdown implementation, and sophisticated inrush current control.

    SRK2001 - synchronous rectification controller

    The SRK2001 controller ensures maximum efficiency at all loads thanks to extremely low quiescent consumption and adaptive control algorithms for self-compensation of parasitic inductance to optimize conduction for MOSFETs in all conditions. The IC simplifies end designs and improves reliability with Kelvin sensing of the MOSFETs and very limited external component requirements.

  • All Features

    • Resonant Half-Bridge topology
    • Output voltage: 24 V
    • Output power up to 250 W
    • Nominal Input voltage: 400 V ±10%
    • Outputs protected against short circuit and overcurrent
    • Input voltage monitor for startup control and brownout protection