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12V Heating Systems

Solution Description

Build your ST evaluation High Side Driver Automotive system: thanks to the ST's SPC5-EV-ADIS adapter and STSW-SPC5EV-ADIS, Graphical User Interface, you can combine the SPC560B-DIS Discovery board along with VIPower easy boards addressing several automotive applications such as front & rear car lighting, automotive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads, automotive smart power distribution, glow plug, heating systems, relay replacement and high power resistive and inductive actuators.

A broad range of Easy Boards EV-VNx7xxx from 3mΩ to 140mΩ are available on ST.COM 

As a leading supplier of IC solutions for Smart Driving, ST provides a dedicated offer to drive and control the most modern heating systems, not only in cars, but also in everyday applications:

  • Smart Driving
  • Seat heater
  • Glow plug driver
  • Cabin heater
  • Windshield defroster
  • Heated/Cooled compartments

ST’s heating system solution - based on a VIPower® Zero series power stage and SPC56 32-bit microcontrollers - provides an outstanding level of comfort, with an accurate and efficient temperature control. Complementary devices are also available for power management and ESD protection. ST’s VIPower® Zero series and SPC56 MCUs are specially designed for guaranteeing robustness in harsh environments and conditions. 

  • Key Product Benefits

    ST’s VIPower® family consists of a set of automotive-qualified high-side switches covering the full load range in terms of type and rated power and includes state-of-the-art embedded control functions and a brand-new protection mechanism. This offer represents the ideal solution for car systems such as junction boxes, interior/exterior lighting and DC motor driving as well as every application inside and outside the transportation domain requiring a protected 12V battery line

    Benefits over a discrete design:

    • Simpler design
    • Lower bill-of-material 
    • Reduced board space
    • Increased circuit reliability
    • Reduced assembly costs


    It is worth considering how to configure the drivers in a safe way. Indeed, in HSD mode, the current flows from a high-side source current to the load. While the low-side type connects or disconnects the load to ground.

    Short-to-ground of the load is a more likely system failure mode compared to short-to-battery. This is the reason why a growing number of designers prefer HSD over LSD for their circuits.

    These features are crucial in automotive applications, while they add value also in IoT applications, such as body warmers, gloves, jackets, bottle warmers, pail warmers, drawer warmer materials, tote heaters, tank and canister heaters, heated equine rugs, etc.

  • All Features

    Smart Power high-side switches provide:

    • Reduced switching losses for achieving better efficiency and better EMI performance
    • Embedded protections avoiding device destruction due to excessive current, voltage, or temperature
    • Means to return status information to the logic controller