Design Win

Smart plug reference design based on BLUENRG-M2SP

Solution Description

The STDES-BLUEPLUG2 is a solution for home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It is based on BLUENRG-M2SP Bluetooth® low energy system-on-chip application processor certified module that is compliant with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) specification 5.2 to allow secure communication of metering data from specific electrical loads to a smartphone with BLE support. It supports multiple roles simultaneously and can act at the same time as Bluetooth smart master and slave device. The device acts as BLE peripheral device which can be connected to any smart device using the Android ST BLE PLUG app (available for free download on Google Play) to control and monitor the load and its energy parameters. The app features load ON/OFF turning, scheduling, dimming, and metering parameters. The STDES-BLUEPLUG2 solution also includes an STPM32 metering chip for high accuracy measurement of power and energy in power line systems using shunt current sensors, a three-terminal TRIAC which controls the current through AC switching for various electrical system applications, and a non-isolated buck converter supply based on the VIPER06XS. This type of supply is ideal for the applications (like ST BLE PLUG) where a large amount of current is not needed and a small form factor is required.

The solution includes a manual switch to turn the load on and off, and LEDs to signal connectivity status.

  • All Features

    Smart Energy Meter design with wireless connectivity

    • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) v5.2 connectivity to:
    • control (turning ON/OFF)
    • display metering parameters
    • NFC interface: to configure the design and store the logs
    • Dimming of light for TRIAC dimmable load rated below 12 A
    • Rated voltage: 240/120 VAC (typ.)
    • Rated current: 12 A (typ.)
    • Power consumption of plug: 0.7 W (max.)
    • Instantaneous and averaged power
    • RMS and instantaneous voltage and current
    •  BLUENRG-M2SP module radio certifications:
    • FCC certification: S9NBNRGM2SP
    • IC certification: 8976C-BNRGM2SP