Rad-Hard DC/DC Switching Regulators

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Fully featured QML-V rad-hard PoL

ST's new rad-hard point-of-load (PoL) converter extends our portfolio of power management ICs for aerospace applications to switching regulators.

Rad-Hard DC/DC Switching RegulatorsSpecified at 7 A maximum current with dual and quad current sharing capabilities and a minimum output voltage as low as 0.8 V and a frequency up to 1MHz, it is ideally suited for the supply of the most demanding FPGAs, MPUs, DSPs and ASICs.

The RHRPMPOL01 is a single-phase, step-down monolithic switching regulator with high-precision internal voltage reference and integrated power MOSFETs for synchronous conversion. It includes all features of a state-of-the-art-commercial DC/DC switching regulator such as soft start and Power Good pin, as well as protection against over current, under voltage, and over temperature conditions.

Power technology and package

Specifically designed for radiation hardness using a mix of radiation by design and a basic rad-hard library in 0.32µm BCD6s SOI technology, it is SEL (Single Event Latch-up) and SES (Single Event Snapback) free up to 70 MeV.cm2/mg. It is housed in a ceramic hermetic Flat-28P package specifically design to reach a 0.8 °C/W Rth, ensuring excellent power dissipation.

An evaluation board is also available to help developers with their design. The product is today QML-V qualified with the SMD 5962R20208.