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600 V / 800 V, 150°C T-series triacs

ST’s T-series Triacs are designed for the ever increasing number of AC loads in appliance control. These AC appliance switches meet both the immunity and high-commutation needs, offering a cost-effective solution.
For this series, both immunity (dV/dt) and commutation capability (dI/dt)c are specified, as well as the low gate current. This last parameter is key, as it helps optimize the power supply and allows direct drive capability through a single resistance between the microcontroller and the Triac, for all 10 mA gate types. 
6 to 25 A T-series Triacs with 35 mA gate types and 800 V capability are now available in a  D²PAK package, providing improved EMC immunity and commutation for a wider range of loads. For 3.5kW loads, ST High Temperature TRIACs are available at a rating of 20 A, 30 A and ultimately 25 A. Designers can ease their product development, maximize system immunity and system robustness with the new T2535T-8x series.
The trade-off of surge current (I TSM) versus immunity and commutation capability is improved. This is one step ahead of the usual offer, and a unique range in the market.
Designers can now use our  online Triac / AC switch simulator to get design characteristics and select the best device for your application.
800 V T-Series Triacs


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