Logic-level gate Thyristors (SCR)

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Ensuring immunity against voltage spikes is the main purpose feature of sensitive-gate SCRs, calculated for demanding applications such as GFI (ground fault interrupt) breakers.

ST successfully met the design challenge of keeping the necessary gate current to trigger under 100 µA, minimizing drive consumption. Our sensitive-gate SCRs can also withstand up to 1200 V with some limited overhead.

They are available from the tiny SMB-Flat package (X0115MUF and TS110-8) for GFI breakers up to the TO-220FP package for motorbike ignitions.

Logic-level gate Thyristors belong to our STPOWER family.


New SCR optimized for rugged circuit breaker applications

The newcomer to ST’s logic level thyristor family, the TS110-8, is dedicated to miniature circuit breakers. It enables designers to reach a very low power consumption and a high robustness design thanks to its low leakage current and its 1250 V direct surge voltage capability. It provides high off-state immunity (dV/dt=200 V/μs) that ensures the breaker does not trip in case of an electrical fast transient (EFT) on the mains. The TS110-8 is available in the through-hole TO92 package, with two pinout versions, and in the surface-mount 3-lead SMBFlat-3L package.  


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