STi²GaN: a new Smart Power initiative based on GaN technology

Solutions based on wide bandgap semiconductors are fundamental to the development of highly efficient next-generation power systems which can positively contribute to a sustainable future. These solutions can accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy generation systems.

Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based products deliver better energy efficiency and enable more compact designs of power supplies for a broad range of consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

As a relatively new technology GaN poses some challenges for designers implementing GaN transistors. These include complex gate drive design and PCB layout limitations.

Building on our innovations in BCD Smart Power and other wide bandgap technologies such as silicon carbide (SiC), ST is developing a new generation of smart power integration to make design easier and bring more flexibility and performance for our customers.

STi²GaN for electric vehicle applications

STi²GaN for electric vehicle applications

As power electronic designers you need to improve power density, system cost and environmental impact. With STi²GaN, we’ve got what you need for 48 volt electric vehicles.

As power electronic designers you need to improve power density, system cost and environmental impact. With STi²GaN, we’ve got what you need for 48 volt electric vehicles.

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All of the STi²GaN applications

STi2GaN is a product family that will allow designers to get the most out of GaN technology with a higher level of integration and performance. By combining the advantages of GaN technology with traditional semiconductor materials, a large variety of power applications will benefit in terms of size, performance and cost.

Class D audio amplifier
Photovoltaic Solutions
Power supply
DC-DC converter
Wireless charger

LiDAR systems

LiDAR systems

Vehicles are evolving rapidly towards more intelligence and augmented environmental perception is key. LiDAR provides outstanding short-range 360° 3D HR scanning and long range detection & distance measurement.

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Benefits of our STi²GaN solution

Standing for ST Intelligent and Integrated GaN, our STi²GaN solution leverages the benefits of gallium nitride (GaN) technology such as higher efficiency and higher frequency operation resulting in lower cooling requirements and smaller heat sinks in final applications.

Integration offers increased robustness and improved reliability with an extremely compact design at system level.


Compact design

High frequency

High efficiency

Lower cooling

Robustness and improved reliability

Two different levels of integration

Protection (GaN)

STi²GaN Monolithic

Power (GaN)
Controller (Si)


Innovative bond‑wire‑free package for smarter SiP solutions

Easily integrated into tomorrow’s applications, STi²GaN helps to drastically increase operating frequencies (in the MHz range) for a compact, easier and cheaper design at system level.

Furthermore, the innovative package reduces parasitic elements, which contributes to lower electromagnetic emissions (EMI), and improved thermal features thanks to the double-side cooling, further simplifying the choice of thermal dissipation strategy.

Our unique position in GaN technology

ST is the ideal partner to work with to take full advantage of the benefits of Integrated Power GaN solutions both in 100 V and 650 V clusters.
Based on our extensive experience in Smart Power solutions and Automotive applications, ST ensures that engineers can meet stringent design requirements and benefit from the highest standards in terms of usability, performance and reliability, also offering the proven know-how to help your engineering teams to qualify their solutions.