electronica South China 2020

Shenzhen, China, 3-5 November, 2020

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Visit us at: Booth 10H1, Hall 10
Website: https://www.e-southchina.com/zh-cn

  • 1,400+ visitors at the ST booth over 3 days at the show
  • 93 demos encompassed 3 strategic enablers
    • Smart Mobility
    • Power & Energy Management
    • IoT & 5G
  • 2 technical conferences on TWS and Embedded Systems
  • 5 open speeches on Automotive, Industrial and IoT
  • Active onsite media interactions

STMicroelectronics at electronica South China:

To view our demo videos here
Connect to AWS securely Dorson ZHOU - Technical Manager, Secure Microcontroller, STMicroelectronics
ST NFC car-key solution in Automotive marketing Charles SUN - Memory Marketing manager, STMicroelectronics
ST GUI solution on HMI market Eric HUANG - Technical Marketing Section Manager, Microcontroller, STMicroelectronics
Vibration monitoring AWS portable Pony WANG - Strategic Marketing Manager, Power Discretes & Sub Analog, STMicroelectronics
ST is making driving safer, greener and more connected Evan LIN - Application Engineer, Automotive, STMicroelectronics
Connect to AWS securely Dorson ZHOU - Technical Manager, Secure Microcontroller, STMicroelectronics

electronica South China is the second sub-brand exhibition of electronics Munich after the electronica China in Shanghai. electronica South China, based in Shenzhen, radiates South China and Southeast Asian markets, builds a high-quality display platform for the entire industry chain innovation for the electronics industry, gathers well-known domestic and foreign companies, attracts high-quality buyers and elites in the industry, and promotes prosperity. The electronics industry market in southern China creates more business opportunities.

Innovative technologies such as AI, 5G, and the Internet of Things empower the industry, and “smart+” will become the core of major application scenarios. The electronics South China Show focused on the three popular innovative applications of smart mobility, smart factory and smart living, and grasp the development space and opportunities of the smart terminal industry.

At electronica South China in Shenzhen from November 3 to 5, ST demonstrated our world-class products and solutions in Smart Mobility, Power & Energy, IoT & 5G to reinforce ST leadership in semiconductor market in China.

Smart Mobility
Power & Energy Management
IoT & 5G

Onsite Activities

ST open speech zone:
  • Location: ST booth
  • Topic and schedule:
Time Topic
13:30 - 14:00, 3 Nov A KNX-TP and BLE integration system for remote lighting control Via mobile APP
15:00 - 15:30, 3 Nov ST NFC/RFID solutions in IoT
09:30 - 10:00, 4 Nov Authentication and IoT secure solution
11:00 - 11:30, 4 Nov STM32 GUI Solution
13:00 - 13:30, 4 Nov ST GNSS Smart driving solution for Lane Level and Autonomous driving
Bluetooth Ecosystems Summit
  • Date: 3 November, 2020
  • Time: 14:30-15:00
  • Venue: On-site Forum Area, Hall 10
  • Topic: Sensor use case in the TWS
  • Speaker: Eric DONG
International Embedded System Innovation Forum
  • Date: 4 November, 2020
  • Time: 13:45-14:15
  • Venue: On-site Forum Area, Hall 10
  • Topic: STM32 opens your door to industrial IoT
  • Speaker: Zu Nian PENG
ST reserve the right of final interpretation of above activities.


To organize your visit or to schedule a meeting, please contact your ST Representative. Click here for online registration. After successful registration, visitors are entitled with a gift in VIP Lounge, and can enjoy free Wi-Fi and free snacks in the VIP Lounge.
The organizer reserve the right of final interpretation
Smart Mobility
Power & Energy Management
Iot & 5G

Smart Mobility

STA1095 2 Wheelers Digital Cockpit evaluation Kit

This new A2DC evaluation board allows to evaluate Graphic performances and Connectivity capabilities of STA1095 and easily prototype Digital Cluster applications to reduce time to market.

  • 1 ARM Cortex R4@450Mhz for user application and framework, 1 isolated ARM Cortex M3@200Mhz subsystem for vehicle communication interfaces
  • DSP for Audio Processing (VR, NR, Audio Playback, Audio Effect)
  • TouchGFX UI with 2.5D Graphic Accelerator
  • Rich connectivity interfaces : Camera, Bluetooth, CAN, USB, …

Traction inverter

The traction inverter converts DC into AC for motor control. The driver system converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

ST's automotive chip application solutions include SiC MOSFET module, MCU, SBC, pre drive, analog chip, logic protection chip, etc.

  • Pre-Drive for SiC MOSFET
  • Software resolver algorithm
  • Junction temperature estimation
  • Functional safety ASIL C available
ST parts: SPC58NN, L9396, L9502

HDR Global Shutter Sensor for In-Cabin Sensing

New Automotive HDR Global Shutter Sensor for in-cabin sensing enables NIR camera systems, immune to complex ambient lighting.

  • Unique HDR GS Sensor to capture clear image under complex light condition
  • Background Removal function allow sensor outputs only information from the local zone lightning
  • High MTF @940nm to have sharp and clear images at 940nm NIR light condition
ST parts: VG5661, VG5761, VG1762

Secure car access based on CCC digital key v2

Integrated solution for car access with ST31/ST33-A secure element, ST25R3920 NFC reader/writer, and SPC58 Automotive MCU.

  • Fail-safe secure storage
  • CC EAL5+ certified solution
  • Reinforced secure boot and cryptographic services
  • Enhanced platform and software integrity
  • Long reading range for a better user experience
  • Low-power consumption for key or phone detection
ST secure elements: ST31 / ST33 / ST54

NFC for car door lock

Featuring high RF power with dynamic power output, automotive grade NFC readers ST25R3914/15/20 satisfies the requirements for car access in areas like door handle or B-pillar.

  • IC complies with ISO26262
  • Convenient access to the car (door handle)
  • NFC being the RF back-up interface for keyfob in case of battery off
  • Secured start
  • Cloud-based distribution of keys to an NFC enabled phone

Dead reckoning

Measurements of the car positions in complex urban environments are a real challenge as satellites reception cannot be 100% guaranteed due to tunnels, multi-layer elevated roads, underground parking lots...

STMicroelectronics has developed a proprietary solution providing position measurements for car navigation application whatever the urban conditions by combining satellites measurements, when available, with sensor information.

STMicroelectronics is offering a turn-key solution containing

  • TeseoIII GNSS single chip receiver supporting GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS
  • Proprietary Dead Reckoning Firmware running on TeseoIII
  • 6-Axis sensor gyroscope and accelerometer

STMicroelectronics is offering Dead Reckogning turn-key solution for customers looking for chipsets on-board design. For customers looking for Dead Reckogning module approaches, STMicroelectronics has established strong partnerships with major modules suppliers addressing China market.


Precise Positioning solution

GNSS market moving to High Precision accuracy from meter to centimeter accuracy level for various applications such as High Definition Navigation with HD Map, Autonomous Drive Level3 and beyond, farming and surveying applications.

STMicroelectronics has developed dedicated GNSS chipsets to reach sub-meter accuracy based on

STMicroelectronics is offering a turn-key solution containing

  • TeseoV Automotive GNSS single chip receiver supporting GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS
  • TeseoAPP GNSS single chip receiver bringing ASIL B support on top of TeseoV feature sets for critical safety applications
  • TeseoV and TeseoAPP are capable to support up to triple band configuration, multi-constellations with a RF companion chip STA5635A/S

STMicroelectronics is partnering with major RTK algorithm/service suppliers to address China market to offer chipset on-board or module solution.

ST parts: STA8100GA, STA8100GA-S, STA9100MGA, STA9100MGA-S, STA5635A, STA5635S

Power & Energy Management

Position Motor Control

With STSPIN32F0A as main core, two small motors are precisely synchronized allowing the intersection of two disks, performing accurate position control and so avoiding collision, playing at different speeds and accelerations.

  • Offering a ready-to-use servo brushless solution
  • Providing a powerful power stage,
  • The analog circuitry implementing current sensing and overcurrent protection and a Cortex-M0 microcontroller performing a Field-Oriented Control with closed-loop positioning.
  • All packed into a 40 mm x 40 mm footprint

Bucker converter based on VIPER122 / VIPER222

The evaluation board implements new VIPER122/VIPER222 buck converter mains designed for general purpose applications, operating from 85 to 265 VAC.

  • Small size and minimal BOM
  • High efficiency and low standby consumption
  • Tight line and load regulation over the entire input and output range
ST parts: VIPER122, VIPER222

A KNX-TP and BLE integration system for remote lighting control Via mobile APP

This demo kit is an integrated KNX and BLE control system to remotely control light on/off and dimmer via mobile App, of which the dimmer lighting consists different level of brightness and multiple choices of color. Temperature measurement and display was included in the system. This demo aims to show a smart lighting control system and a reference design for KNX TP with wireless extension via the BLE device.

ST parts: STKNX, BLE

Portable Vibration Monitoring Solution

The demo shows vibration and anomaly monitoring with cost-effective MEMS accelerometer over IO-Link and wireless industrial connectivity. The STM32F4 performs local real-time frequency and time domain analysis for condition monitoring and early motor failure detection. The demo can be connected to a Cloud Dashboard by using a ST Linux gateway (STM32MP157C-DK2)

ST parts: STEVAL-BFA001V1B, STEVAL-IDP004V1, L6362A,L6360

IoT & 5G

Aftermarket wireless digit reader for metering

This demo provides automatic reading of metering devices digits (gas meter, water meter, …) using convolutional neural networks (AI). The demo is based on STM32WL55JC + SPI camera module and can communicate with a LPWAN network to provide the data read from to meter to a central server.

  • Fast and accurate recognition with AI.
  • Wireless transmission.
  • Low power consumption
ST parts: STM32WL55

ST TOF for Robot/Robotics Obstacle Avoidance

True TOF provides remarkable ranging performance unaffected by the target color or reflectance. Proven long and short distances ranging enables reliable Robot/Robotics obstacle avoidance.

  • compact package with both emitter and receiver included
  • Class I Laser Safety, safe to human eyes
  • Low-power consumption

ST TOF for Projector AF and Keystone Correction

True TOF provides accurate distance reading between projector and projection wall instantly. Proven AF and keystone correct and short distances ranging enables reliable Robot/Robotics obstacle avoidance.

  • compact package with both emitter and receiver included
  • Class I Laser Safety, safe to human eyes
  • Low-power consumption


The STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 (SensorTile.box) is a ready-to-use box kit with wireless IoT and wearable sensor platform to help you use and develop apps based on remote motion and environmental sensor data, regardless of your level of expertise.

  • Easy-to-use app with immediate functionality for motion and environmental sensor applications
  • Expert Mode with additional sensor app parameter settings
  • Compact board with high precision sensors
  • Programming and debugging interface for professional firmware development

NFC for Contactless payment

ST25R3916/17 is optimized for POS terminal applications, and enables the fastest EMVCo 3.0 certification cycles possible, even under harsh conditions, with antenna around noisy LCD displays

  • Contactless payment with NFC phone, NFC credit card or NFC wearable devices
  • Configuration / setup of the POS terminal
  • User authentication on cash register
ST parts: ST25R3916, ST25R3917

STM32 GUI Solution based on STM32H750

With STM32H750XBH6, 480 MHz / 1027 DMIPS Arm® Cortex®-M7, on-chip 128KB Flash, 1MB RAM, 133MHz QSPI interface and Chrom-ART accelerator, more suitable for graphics display applications

New smart home display solution made with TouchGFX, including range hood, microwave oven, washing machine, bathroom and central control interface, smooth operation and convenient interaction.

  • STM32H750 provide a smartphone experience on home appliance.
  • Thanks to the JEPG hardware acceleration engine,it easy to have 60FPS video playback effect.
ST parts: STM32H750XB

STM32 GUI solution based on STM32G070

STM32G070-nucleo with STM32G070RB, 64Mhz ,32KB RAM. Can support SPI/parallel interface display. This demo made with TouchGFX. And easy to achieve many animation including appear,fade,blending etc.

  • Replace traditional segment displays with modern graphical display solutions
  • Smartphone inspired User Experience
  • Low power / Long Battery Life
  • BOM cost remains at the same level
ST parts: STM32G070RB

STM32L5-DK AI + low power + security demo

The demo runs a hand writing character recognition application showing the performance of L5. STM32CubeMonitorPower is used to also show at runtime the power consumption differences when SMPS is on/off and performance differences when Icache is enabled/disabled. In the meantime, the encrypted application of AI is actually running from external SPI flash with decryption on the fly to show one of the L5 security features of OTFDEC without performance loss loss.

  • Run the character recognition AI application (encrypted code) from external SPI flash smoothly @110MHz
  • 8KB ICACHE improve the code execution performance from both internal and external flash
  • OTFDEC to decrypt the code from external flash on the fly
  • Internal SMPS decrease the power consumption of the system
  • Observing power consumption at run time using STM32CubeMonitorPower PC tool
ST parts: STM32L562QE

STM32WL LoRa access network & cloud

Connect to LoRa gateway based on STM32WL LoRa technology, transmit various sensor data on the device to the LoRa network server, and forward it to the application server to graphically display the sensor data

  • World first LoRa SoC
  • STM32WL LoRa technology
  • Join LoRa Network
  • Open chip, open stack
  • display sensor data of LoRa Device graphically
ST parts: STM32WLE5

STM32WB Mesh demo

Using the iOS mobile program ST BLE Mesh or the Android mobile program BlueNRG-Mesh, 6 STM32WB55RG-based STM32WB Nucleo-68 devices are configured to be Mesh nodes and divided into 5 Mesh subnets, controlled by ST BLE Mesh or BlueNRG-Mesh. The LED lights of the Mesh nodes in the 5 subnets are turned on or off, or the LED lights of all Mesh nodes are turned on or off.

  • Supported Mesh Node: Proxy Node, Relay Node, Friend Node, Low Power Node
  • The Provisioner Node is self provisioned and configured during the initialization
  • An unprovisioned device that can be provisioned and configured by iOS or Android smartphone application ST BLE Mesh.
  • Turn on or off at the same time on all the LEDs of All Mesh Networks or certain subnet
ST parts: STM32WB55RG

Seamless Security – Connect to AWS securely

STSAFE-A110 stores pre-provisioned credentials, can immediately and securely register the system with AWS IoT Core Multi-Account Registration feature. It offloads the security-critical operations to the on-board STSAFE-A110 Secure Element during the MCU boot process, during the TLS device authentication towards the AWS IoT Core™ server, and during the verification of the over-the-air (OTA) update firmware image integrity and authenticity.

  • STSAFE-A110 for a complete set of functions to easily design security in connected devices
  • ODE package
  • Cloud attachment to Azure / Amazon
  • Compliant with USB Type C & QI charging authentication
  • LPWAN provisioning
  • CC EAL5+ certified
ST parts: STSAFE™-A110

Seamless Security

Robot equipped with STM32 Nucleo board and X-NUCLEO-SAFEA1, to show Easy to use STSAFE-A110 & STM32 ODE package to authenticate  IoT package.

  • STSAFE-A110 for a complete set of functions to easily design security in connected devices
  • ODE package
  • Cloud attachment to Azure / Amazon
  • Compliant with USB Type C & QI charging authentication
  • LPWAN provisioning
  • CC EAL5+ certified
ST parts: STSAFE™-A110