ST's ultra-small silicon pressure sensors use innovative MEMS technology to provide extremely high pressure resolution, in ultra-compact and thin packages. The devices are designed using ST’s VENSENS technology, allowing the fabrication of pressure sensor on a monolithic silicon chip, eliminating wafer-to-wafer bonding and maximizing reliability.

Key technical features of ST’s pressure sensor family include enhanced temperature compensation that allows apps to perform consistently in changing environments, an absolute pressure range from 260 to 1260 hPa that covers all possible user altitudes (from the deepest mines to the top of Mount Everest), low power consumption less than 4μA, and pressure noise lower than 1Pa RMS.

ST’s pressure sensors are increasingly being used in smartphones, tablets and wearable technology such as sports watches, smart watches, and fitness bands, enabling accurate floor detection and enhanced location-based services, allowing more accurate dead-reckoning calculations, and opening the door to new smartphone apps such as weather analyzers, health and sports monitors.

Class-leading advanced 10-bar water-resistant pressure sensor

The LPS33HW is a waterproof pressure sensor, resistant to chemicals like chlorine, bromine, salt water and also resistant to soaps or detergents. Due to the sensor’s high-performance built-in processor and the advanced formula of its water-resistant gel filling gives performance advantages and fast recovery between factory and store-shelf. The LPS33HW can withstand being submerged up to 90 meters, and the very low RMS pressure noise of 0.008 mbar allows apps like an altimeter, depth gauge, or weather monitor to deliver consistent and stable results. The sensor accuracy drifts by less than ±1 mbar per year.The LPS33HW is assembled in a 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm x 2.9 mm cylindrical metal package suitable for use with O-ring seals.

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