High Voltage Op Amps from 10 V to new 36 V series

ST's 10 to 36 V series of high-voltage op-amps offers many possible combinations of power consumption and gain bandwidth. Our wide range of op-amps allows customers to get the best performance for the appropriate accuracy. The high-voltage series of operational amplifiers simplifies the design of sensors for applications from automotive electronics to smart buildings and industrial controls.

Benefiting from the advanced BiCMOS manufacturing process developed in house, the TSB series of 36 V rail-to-rail op-amps delivers the same bandwidth as traditional LM324 operational amplifier, but with a power consumption 4 times lower.

With its high tolerance to ESD and stable performance over a wide temperature range, the TSB series of op-amps gives designers peace of mind.

Precision High Voltage Op-amps
Steer by Wire resolver driver with the TSB582 dual op amp

TSB182: very high precision, 36V op amp

The TSB182 is a very high precision dual operational amplifier with extended supply voltage operating range up to 36 V and rail-to-rail output.

Thanks to its AEC-Q100 qualification, it can be used in both automotive and industrial applications where accuracy of signal conditioning is a must.

TSB582: High output current (200mA) 36V BiCMOS dual operational amplifier

Available in space saving packages with minimized thermal resistance due to exposed pads, the TSB582 is a dual operational amplifier with embedded thermal shutdown and output current limiter for both industrial and automotive applications.

In closed-loop motor control systems a preferred way to read out the shaft’s angular position is the rotary resolver. Resolvers can be found in various applications, from light industrial to heavy duty, such as: servo motor feedback, oil and gas production, jet engine fuel systems, aircraft flight surface actuators, communication position systems, steering wheels or vehicle control systems.

Since the primary winding is typically powered through a rotary transformer, no brushes or rings are needed. This increases the overall reliability and robustness of the resolver and makes it perfectly suitable for harsh environments with varying temperature and in oily, dusty, or humid surroundings.

The TSB582 was originally designed to manage the power amplification to pilot the primary winding of a resolver device. Thanks to a wide supply voltage range (4 to 36V) the TSB582 is also an excellent fit for power demanding applications like: AC and DC power sources, valve drivers, line drivers, LED drivers and servo drivers.

TSB series: 36 V op amps for automotive and industrial applications

In addition to an excellent speed/power ratio, our 36 V TSB series of op amps offer outstanding power density and high tolerance to ESD combined with low-power consumption:

  • The TSB511TSB512, TSB514 is a series of 6 MHz bandwidth amplifiers featuring rail-to-rail input and output. They are guaranteed to operate from 2.7 to 36 V single supply as well as from ± 1.35 V to ± 18 V dual supplies. 
  • The TSB621, TSB622, TSB624 is a series of general purpose operational amplifiers ideal for both industrial and automotive applications, featuring an extended supply voltage operating range and rail-to-rail output. They offer an excellent speed/power consumption ratio with 1.7 MHz gain bandwidth product while consuming less than 375 μA per operator at 36 V supply voltage.
  • The stability and robustness of our 380 µA/2.5 MHz TSB57 operational amplifiers make them an ideal solution for a wide voltage range of applications. Available in single- (TSB571) and dual-channel (TSB572) versions.
  • Our 100 µA / 560 kHz TSB61 operational amplifiers operate over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 125°C. They are ideal for both industrial and automotive applications and available also in single- (TSB611) and dual-channel (TSB612) versions.
  • The combination of wide bandwidth, slew rate, low noise, rail-to-rail capability, and precision makes our 1.8 mA/6 MHz TSB711 (single-channel) and TSB712 (dual-channel) op amps useful in a wide variety of applications including: filters, power supplies and motor control, actuator driving, Hall effect sensors, and resistive transducers. Also available in 22 MHz versions: TSB7191 (single-channel) and TSB7192 (dual-channel).