Precision Op Amps (<50 MHz)

ST's precision operational amplifiers offer features ranging from micropower consumption, to zero-drift, rail-to-rail, low-voltage offset, high voltage and low input bias current.

Our op amp portfolio strengths are:

  • The largest micropower op amp portfolio on the market, with consumption as low as 2 µA
  • Reliable high volume supplier of both standard and high-performance op amps
  • Space-saving packages, such as DFN, QFN, SOT-23 and SC-70
  • Guaranteed specified min/max electrical performances
precision op amps
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TSB712A, the New Swiss Army Knives
of Dual Operational Amplifiers

TSX7 series: high-precision low-power 16 V CMOS op amps

The  TSX711TSX712TSX7191 and  TSX7192 offer low power consumption and exhibit an offset voltage less than 200 µV. Rail-to-rail input and output functions, associated with an extended power supply range from 2.7 V to 16 V, allows the TSX711 to be used on a wide range of applications. The TSX711 perfectly fits automotive requirements: -40°C to 125°C temperature range and ability to sustain 4 kV ESD. Also available in a tiny SOT-23 package.

30 MHz-bandwidth unity-gain-stable amplifiers for Automotive and Industrial power management systems

STMicroelectronics enlarges its 5 V family portfolio with the TSV781 and the TSV782, respectively single and dual high-performance operational amplifiers.

The low input offset voltage and the slew rate of 20 V/µs make the devices ideal for low-side current measurement in power conversion systems, such as solar panels, telecom infrastructure or computer servers. The accurate measurement of current is the first and mandatory step for smart and efficient power conversion.

With high bandwidth and pico-Ampere input bias current, the TSV781 and the TSV782 are also well suited for photodiode signal conditioning in a transimpedance amplifier circuit. This application is useful in high performance UV sensors, smoke detectors or particle sensors.

Automotive grade qualified and available in SOT23-5L, SO-8 and MiniSO-8 tiny packages, the devices are the perfect choice for power management in HEV and EV systems, thanks to their very high accuracy.

Op amps for CO detector

Unmonitored gas can rapidly become a danger. Consequently, monitoring air quality is mandatory for security reasons in many industries.

ST's op amps TSU101, TSU102, TSU104 nanopower amplifiers, TSV711TSV731 high precision op amps and TSZ121 chopper amplifier  take into account bias voltage and polarity variations and help ensure the best sensitivity in 2- and 3-electrode gas sensors.

Moreover, their low supply voltage and ultra-low power consumption, while delivering almost no current, make them a perfect fit for handheld safety detectors operating in toxic environments.

More info in application note AN4348