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Automotive cameras

Projected to reach a solid 2-digit growth in the next years, automotive cameras are on-board systems meant to provide the highest video quality and HDR images, augment the internal and external scene visibility and enhance the global awareness of the surrounding environment.

Driver monitoring system (DMS)

Conceived to monitor the in-cabin vehicle alertness, the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is critical for supporting highly autonomous driving functions, not only by recognizing the driver, but also monitoring the level of vigilance and detecting the e
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High resolution thermal camera

Driving assistance and autonomous driving systems need to be able to operate even in conditions of low visibility or complete darkness. Thermal sensors provide an advantage in such situations due to their independence from ambient light levels and th
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Rear view camera

Specifically designed for the purpose of being placed to the rear of a vehicle, Rear View Cameras have witnessed a relevant spread from premium to economy vehicles, being today a valid support for the driver in backing up, avoiding accidental collisi
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Solutions and ICs for automotive camera system designs

ST offers the cutting-edge solutions for Automotive Cameras, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio including state-of-the-art HDR CMOS image sensors, versatile Image Signal Processors (ISP) with dedicated HW engines for video analytics and lens correction and multiple voltage regulators specifically designed to have a flexible and configurable power scheme and to support applications that need compliancy to Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) requirements.

Many Cameras in a vehicle

Many Cameras in a vehicle

Majorly used to assist the driver for parking, manoeuvring and assess the vehicle performance, these camera systems play a crucial role in the most recent applications like Lane Departure Warning Systems (LWDS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and Blind Spot Warning (BSW). Automotive cameras can be furthermore embedded with advanced computer vision algorithms, for real Machine Vision systems, giving a disrupting contribute to the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

The increasingly stringent government regulations are boosting the adoption of automotive cameras both in light and heavy commercial vehicles, segmenting the current market into various system solutions like Rear View Camera, Surround View Camera, e-Mirror and Driver Monitoring System (DMS).