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VR Head Mounted Display (HMD)

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Key Products
A VR headset also known as HMD (Head Mounted Display), can be seen as an enhanced display screen in front of the eyes. These Virutal Reality (VR) products and devices are typically tethered to a PC, smartphone or other types of computational platforms. Consumer applications include gaming, watching movies and live events, social media interactions and virtual tourism. Enterprise and commercial applications include education and training, construction, medicine, architecture where detailed rendering of objects and scenes of interest helps to make more efficient workflows and tasks through visualization.  VR headsets embed sensors, one or more image sensors, connectivity and, of course, very high resolution displays at high frame rates and wide field-of-view to deliver a realistic image and immersive experiences.

Our products and solutions

ST provides a broad range of innovative products and ICs that can enhance VR headset design. Key products include Bluetooth & NFC connectivity solutions, motion, environmental and proximity sensors, MEMS speakers and microphones, power management, and an array of microcontrollers. We also offer power management solutions including wireless charging, USB PD, signal conditioning and protection.