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Servo motor drives

Servomotors are implemented in devices where movements need to be highly accurate in terms of acceleration, overall speed and positioning, for example in robots designed to assemble, pick and place, package or label items in warehouses. The servo drive therefore deals with large amounts of environmental feedback, which is then used to control the motor. The most common motors used in servomotor applications are 3-phase AC induction and 3-phase BLDC motors but brushed DC motors or even stepper motors can also be found in low-power and smaller size servomotors like the ones used in "end-of-arm" tooling.

Our products and solutions

Our offer includes an extensive range of STM8 8-bit microcontrollers, STM32 32-bit microcontrollers, STM32MPx microprocessors (MPUs), power discretes, such as IGBTs, Power MOSFETs and diodes, including Silicon-Carbide (SiC) devices for higher power efficiency, as well as Intelligent Power Modules (IPM SLLIMM™) and plastic power modules (ACEPACK™ range) and STSPIN monolithic motor drivers to help build scalable, high-efficiency power stages with a power ranging up to tens of kilowatts. 

ST also provides an extensive portfolio of high-performance operational amplifiers and comparators, switching and linear regulators and MEMS inertial and environmental sensors, Machine Learning Inertial Measurement Units – to enable remote sensing (i.e. for closed loop control, as well as Condition Monitoring / Predictive Maintenance) – and a comprehensive range of software and hardware evaluation tools to help reduce development time and cost.

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