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Industrial drives

Electric motors are used in large numbers in many industrial environments to perform a wide array of tasks and functions such as turning shafts or driving pumps and fans. Depending on the mission profile and control technique, various types of motors can be used, including universal, brushed or brushless DC motors as well as single-phase and three-phase induction motors. The performance of the overall electro-mechanical system made by the motor and the associated driving circuitry – commonly referred to as a drive or inverter – depends on the motor control technique as it is a decisive factor in enabling accurate speed, torque and position control. ST offers an extensive range of 8-bit STM8 and 32-bit STM32 microcontrollers, a wide range of power discretes including IGBTs and power MOSFETs, as well as integrated power modules (IPM) to help build scalable, high-efficiency power stages with power ranging from a few watts up to tens of kilowatts. Additionally, ST provides an extensive portfolio of high-performance operational amplifiers and comparators, switching and linear regulators and MEMS inertial and environmental sensors – to enable predictive maintenance – and a comprehensive range of software and hardware evaluation tools to help reduce development time and cost.

AC motor drives

An AC motor drive is a frequency converter designed to control the speed and torque of an electric motor – typically 3-phase AC induction or 3-phase BLDC motors – using specifically developed control methods such as Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) or
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Fans are widely used in many industrial environments for ventilation, cooling and fume extraction purposes. Depending on the specific use, the mechanical configuration – axial, centrifugal and tangential flow – as well as the size and shape of the bl
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An electric forklift is a battery-operated truck with forks that can lift and move heavy loads. It is typically used in warehouses, logistics depots, or for loading and unloading materials and goods from transport vehicles.  The powertrain and the hy
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Pumps and compressors

Industrial pumps are widely used in many industrial environments and depending on the specific use the mechanical configuration, their size and shape must carefully be selected. Likewise, choosing the right type of motor – a universal, brushed or bru
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Servo motor drives

Servomotors are implemented in devices where movements need to be highly accurate in terms of acceleration, overall speed and positioning, for example in robots designed to assemble, pick and place, package or label items in warehouses. The servo dri
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