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Retail logistics

The cost associated with logistics is a significant part of the retail distribution and sales process. The optimization of supply chain and logistics management systems is an important issue for the retail industry, and significant investments are made to track and monitor goods both during distribution and in the warehouse. By far, the most common technologies used to manage and simplify logistics are barcodes and RFID tags. HF (13.56 MHz) RFID tags are used mostly at the counter (PoS), while UHF (800 MHz) tags are used mostly in warehouse and external spaces.  Very often, barcode scanners and RFID readers are integrated into portable data terminals to facilitate the reading of tags and codes, making it easier and more efficient for the personnel involved.

Barcode scanners

Virtually all goods sold in retail have 1-D codes carrying electronics product identification codes (EPC) according to various standards or 2-D codes formatted in form of QR codes typically used for marketing purposes.  Barcode scanners all use a las
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Electronic shelf labels

To ensure prices displayed on store shelves are always accurate or to instantly launch promotional campaigns, the use of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) is now widespread in grocery stores. An ESL can receive information in several ways including indo
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Goods guarantee

  Tracking and monitoring goods is an effective way to provide supply chain stakeholders and end-customers with information to effectively apply warranty conditions and terms of use. From ensuring food is stored in areas with the right humidity and t
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NFC HF readers

NFC-HF readers are used for short-range communications where the device on one end – the NFC tag – is completely passive. These readers are based on international standards: ISO/IEC 14443 for very short range communication at distances to the tag up
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Outdoor real-time monitoring

With the internationalization of supply chain flows, assets in containers and pallets are moved worldwide for long periods of time before reaching their final destination. An increasing number of real-time, low-power smart trackers with an extended b
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Portable data terminals

Portable Data Terminals are battery-operated, handheld data terminals used in many applications including manufacturing chain, stock management, inventory, logistic, fidelity card and tracking systems. A portable data terminal provides a range of mea
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RAIN UHF readers

RAdio Frequency IdentificatioN (RAIN) is an Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) RFID technology ensuring reading ranges up to 10 m. Widely used in logistics to track and inventory goods in a warehouse, the reader can be embedded into handheld devices, tablets
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Our products and solutions

ST has several key products targeting logistics applications such as NFC tags, dual-interface dynamic NFC tags, NFC readers, and RAIN (RAdio frequency IdentificatioN) readers for UHF tags.