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A buck or step-down topology is used in DC-DC switching converters where the output voltage is lower than the input with or without input-output isolation. Read more

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We have a large offer of buck converter ICs - with integrated power switches – and multi-phase, single-phase, multi-output controllers providing a wide range of features including soft start to minimize inrush current and power-good to enable power-up sequencing. Programmable devices are also available to help design buck converters fine-tuned for specific EMI, EMC, efficiency and power density targets and use cases. 

We have also developed an isolated, single-stage direct 48 V to the Point-of-Load (PoL) resonant, conversion solution for use in CPUs or DDR memories compliant with Intel VR13 and VR12.5 specifications. ST also offers a fully scalable solution for up to 6 interleaved cells with dynamic cell shedding and pulse skipping features. 

In addition, we have a comprehensive set of evaluation and development tools as well as reference designs to help compress time to market.

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