Smart switches for wire harness protection

STi2Fuse is a new family of intelligent fuse to replace standard melting fuses in automotive power distribution systems.

STi2Fuse devices enable savings on component and production costs, while extending EV range and reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles. The monitoring, control, and digital interface capabilities of these devices help automotive systems comply with ISO26262 and related Safety Integrity Levels (SIL).

New family of intelligent electronic fuses for wire harness protection


The new STi2Fuse family integrates i2-t protection and a digital interface to boost efficiency and reliability in the latest automotive zonal electronic/electrical (E/E) architectures. It also supports greater electrification and additional functions for smart driving.

Example of power distribution architecture

Product types

STi2Fuse family products consist of two kinds of devices: an integrated solution for low/mid power ranges and a gate controller for high power ranges.

Fully integrated solution to address up to 50A current loads. Smart gate driver for very high-power loads.

Discover our portfolio

STi2Fuse product portfolio VNF1048F

VNF1048F gate controller/single channel is the first product in production. First dual channel product VN9D5F and quad channel product VN9Q20F are forecasted for Q1/2024.
We plan to complete the family by 2025.


  • Wire gauge and harness optimization
  • Low number of external components
  • Low complex MCU
  • Space saving
  • Easy and flexible software design
  • Hardware coded failsafe management
  • Permanent supply operation through standby ON management