SPC57 2L Line MCUs

SPC572L is part of our High-Performance class of 32-bit Automotive Power Architecture® microcontrollers (MCUs). It is designed for entry-line powertrain (PWT) applications such as electronic fuel injection (EFI) for mono- or bi-cylinder motors.

spc572l power architecture microcontroller mcu

The SPC572L MCUs embeds the powerful GTM (Generic Timer Module) timer, used in EFI engine management systems to ensure accurate injection and ignition timings with a direct effect on engine emission and consumption performance. Moreover, the SPC572L includes enhanced features such as multiple signal conversion capabilities (knock detection, in-cylinder pressure signal preprocessing, etc.) and a comprehensive peripherals set, including SENT and Ethernet interfaces.

The SPC572L features a PowerPC e200z2 core operating at a frequency of 80 MHz and embeds 1.5 Mbytes of Flash memory. It is available in two package versions: in eTQFP100 (14 x 14 mm) and in a high pad pitch density eTQFP80 (10 x 10 mm) specifically fitting engine control units (ECU) with footprint optimization requirements.

Our Automotive-grade SPC5 MCUs benefit from a complete development ecosystem that includes our SPC5-Studio development environment, and a full range of hardware and software development and evaluation tools. You can use our Smart Selector to select the MCU best fitting your requirements.

Start your evaluation with the SPC572L-DISP Discovery evaluation board or start your engine with the SPC572L based EFI Reference Design.

All automotive MCUs are part of ST's longevity commitment program, which ensures continuity and stability of supply for ST customers.