The STM32F3x4 product line is specifically addressing digital power conversion applications, such as D-SMPS, lighting, welding, inverters for solar systems and wireless chargers.

The main peripherals of the STM32F3x4 are:

  • High-resolution timer: 217ps, self-compensated versus power supply and temperature drift.
  • Ultra-fast comparator: 26ns from analog input to PWM shut-down
  • Ultra-fast 12-bit ADC 5Msps (0.2µs)
  • Operational amplifier with 5 built-in gain settings and 1% accuracy

The high resolution timer consists of a bank of 6 timers totaling:

  • 10 PWM outputs (can be coupled by pairs)
  • 10 external events inputs (Current limitation, Zero Voltage / Zero Current Detection…)  and 5 fault inputs

The main features of the high resolution timers are:

  • 217ps resolution available for all operating modes
    • Variable duty cycle, variable frequency, Transition mode,…
  • A number of features allows to unload the CPU
    • One DMA channel per timer
    • Built-in burst mode controller, topology specific modes: push-pull, resonant.
  • Numerous interconnects between timers to
    • Reset/Start adjacent timers
    • Set / Reset / Toggle other outputs
  • Transparent high-resolution implementation (equivalent to 4.6GHz timer) for easy programming