Run feature-rich applications with enhanced performance and security

The STM32H7R3/S3 is a bootflash-based MCU powered by a Cortex®-M7 core running up to 600 MHz, with 64 Kbytes of user bootflash, 620 Kbytes of flexible SRAM, and 32 x 32 Kbytes of cache with Flex ECC.

The STM32H7R3/S3 lines support high speed external memory interfaces with XiP and come in 10 different packages, ranging from cost-effective 68 to 225 pins, to achieve the best performance at the lowest cost.

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MPU-like applications on a real-time cost-effective MCU

  • 600 MHz boot flash MCU (3174 CoreMark)
  • Real-time execution from internal & external memories
  • 2 x USB-FS/HS with USB Type-C® Power delivery (UCPD) & I3C
  • Integrated power management (PMIC)

More design freedom

  • Unlimited external memory capacity
  • FMC (parallel interface for NAND, NOR, SDRAM), 2 serial xSPI interfaces at 200 MHz DTR (1-16 bit) and eMMC for connecting any type of memory
  • 64 KB user bootflash and 620 Kbytes of flexible SRAM including TCM for 0-wait access required in the real time applications

Ready for future security directives

  • PSA and SESIP3 target certifications, including on-the-fly decrypt and encrypt from external memories (MCE), secure boot, and life cycle management
  • Most secure Cortex®-M7 based STM32 available

Mid-level graphics applications

  • Utilize the industry standard Chrom-ART for 2D GUI applications
  • FMC or SPI interfaces to connect parallel and serial displays
  • Single and dual quad/octo interface, and x16 serial PSRAM or 32-bit SDRAM


General-purpose applications increasingly demand real-time processing, large memory capacity, and a mid-range graphical user interface.

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IoT for Smart Industry applications
  • Gateways
  • Headless comm systems
  • Robotics
  • Security systems
  • Sensor fusion/edge AI
  • Point of sales
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Smart homes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Robot lawn movers
  • Air purifiers
  • HVAC systems
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Medical and healthcare
  • Digital health
  • Medical imaging
  • Therapy equipment
  • Remote patient monitoring

Discover our portfolio

The product is available as a general-purpose line and a graphics line.
The STM32H7R3/S3 general-purpose MCU line enriches the STM32 product portfolio with improved performance, scalability, features, and state-of-the-art security. These microcontrollers are available in a variety of package options.

STM32H7R7/7S7 graphics line product portfolio


  • Brings more innovation opportunities to its users
    • Headless communication bridge
    • Home appliances
    • HVAC
    • Gateways
    • Solar and energy control
    • Simple and medium GFX
  • Excellent user experience with Chrom-ART, JPEG codec and FMC display interface
  • Embedded security to protect user data/applications
  • Flexible memory architecture
  • Allows seamless integration with AI ecosystem
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