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The STM32WBx0 is a dual-core wireless MCU based on an Arm® Cortex®‐M4 core running at 64 MHz (application processor) and an Arm® Cortex®‐M0+ core at 32 MHz (network processor).

The STM32WBx0 Value Line is an entry-level solution, extending our portfolio to allow developers to define the right level of features so their design is cost-efficient and meets the requirements of a broad range of industrial and consumer IoT applications.

Thanks to its low-power stop mode and best-in-class RF performance, the STM32WBx0 Value Line provides application connectivity with an extended battery life, making it ideal for industrial and consumer beacon applications such as innovative location-based services in retail marketing or asset tracking applications.

Wireless connectivity

Providing flexibility and scalability to your wireless design, the STM32WBx0 Value Line wireless microcontroller addresses Bluetooth™ 5.0-certified stack, supports Mesh 1.0 network, multiple profiles or IEEE 802.15.4 with ZigBee® 3.0 and OpenThread low-power mesh networking protocols.

The dual-core architecture enables secured Over-The-Air (OTA) updates of the protocol stack to future-proof the radio link maintenance. The 1MB Flash memory ensures your application runs smoothly, whatever the protocol stack solution, without having to add an external Flash memory component.

Package information

STM32WBx0 wireless microcontrollers is based on the QFN48 package, pin-to-pin compatible with the QFN48 of the STM32WBx5 series (ECOPACK2® compliant package). STM32WBx0 line features a high memory capability to support the entire software platform.

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