STM32WBxM Modules

STM32WBxM modules extend the STM32 wireless portfolio.

They offer the same feature set as the STM32WBx5 MCU line, in a smaller form factor. The modules integrate the full reference design in small LGA86 and LGA77 packages and provide a wide certification coverage.

STM32WB5MMG module

The STM32WB5MMG wireless module addresses 2.4 GHz solutions with Bluetooth® Low Energy, and 802.15.4 protocols, including Zigbee, Thread, as well as proprietary protocols. This module is based on the STM32WB55 MCU, which offers 1 Mbytes of flash memory and comes in a WLCSP100 package.

STM32WB1MMC module

The STM32WB1MMC wireless module is a cost-effective, integrated solution for Bluetooth® Low Energy applications. The STM32WB1MMC module embeds the whole reference design up the antenna with the possibility to use an external antenna. This module is compliant with FCC, CE, and other EMC regulations.

    Based on the STM32WB15 and its WLCSP49 package, the STM32WB1MMC offers:
  • Up to 27 GPIOs
  • several peripherals to build a wireless application (ADC, comparators...)
  • easier hardware integration with 2-layer PCB

The STM32WB1MMC enhances radio performances and security. The module shares the same ultralow power features as the STM32WB wireless MCUs: it requires very low power consumption thanks to the radio activity that can be combined with standby mode. This makes it ideal for battery-operated devices.

Included in the STM32WB portfolio, the STM32WB5MMG, and the STM32WB1MMC modules benefit from ST’s 10-year longevity program, ensuring continuous supply for 10 years.

Product types:

STM32WB5Mx and STM32WB1Mx wireless MCU modules come in an LGA86 and LGA77 package.

Their small form factor provides designers with a minimal footprint and sufficient memory size, simplifying the integration in many Bluetooth® Low Energy applications. Developers can use these modules without requiring any expertise in wireless radio stacks.

The pinout implementations enable a 2-layer PCB with all the features of the STM32WB1Mx and with the main peripherals and communication channels of the STM32WB5Mx. To cover the whole feature set of the STM32WB5Mx, developers require a 4-layer PCB.

The STM32WBxM modules are fully integrated in the STM32Cube ecosystem. They are certified for protocols and major geographical EMC-compliance areas.

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  • Speed up time to market thanks to:
    • significant time and cost savings for device certification
    • integration in 2-layer PCB
    • comprehensive ecosystem: STM32Cube with free connectivity stacks
  • Module for connectivity applications targeting Bluetooth® Low Energy, and concurrent modes*
  • Dual core solution in a tiny form embedding enhanced security features

* supported by the STM32WB5x module

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