On-demand Webinar: Certified STM32WB module takes your wireless IoT design to the next level

1-hour on-demand webinar to discover how to boost your wireless design with the multi-protocol, certified STM32WB module and discovery kit

► Recorded in April 2021

Watch this one-hour on-demand webinar to discover the first STM32 wireless module that addresses 2.4 GHz solutions with Bluetooth® LE, and 802.15.4 protocols, including Zigbee, Thread, as well as proprietary protocols.

Highly integrated and certified, the STM32WB5MMG module allows product teams to build connected devices with limited wireless design skills and reduced effort. Designed to enable cost-effective, two-layer PCB designs, it integrates everything up to the antenna. The STM32WB5MM-DK discovery kit, based on the STM32WB5MMG module, features multiple sensors, a digital microphone, QSPI Flash, RGB LEDs and an OLED display to facilitate fast and prototyping.

This webinar is for

  • Firmware engineers looking to develop a solution with Bluetooth LE
  • Hardware engineers designing IoT applications that require Bluetooth LE connectivity
  • RF engineers who are looking to design IoT products quickly, and to speed up certification cycles

Benefits you will takeaways

  • Discover ST’s Bluetooth LE portfolio
  • Learn about the key value proposition of the STM32WB portfolio
  • Learn what the STM32WB module can bring to your IoT project
  • Know how to speed up your design phase using the STM32Cube ecosystem including STM32Cube tools
  • Keys to help you move forward with your design: online videos, and learning resources


  • Introduction to ST’s Bluetooth LE offering
  • Key value proposition of the STM32WB
  • Security on the STM32WB
  • STM32WB module and discovery board
  • STM32Cube ecosystem for the STM32WB, STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeMonitorRF, STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeProgrammer
  • STM32WB online demo videos, links and where to find learning content
There is a recorded Q&A session at the end of the webinar where our experts answered questions from the floor.


Colin Ramrattan

Colin Ramrattan has been with STMicroelectronics since 2012 and is a Product Marketing Engineer with the microcontroller product marketing team for the Americas. Colin has held positions in both the analog sensors and connectivity organization prior to microcontrollers. Before joining ST, Colin was a user interface module designer at Blackberry in Waterloo, Canada.