STM32WLxM Module

STM32WLxM modules extend the STM32 wireless portfolio.

The new line module offers certified and ready to use solutions for long-range and low-power wireless connectivity. It also provides the capability to switch between low and high-power output, making it a versatile solution for global roaming purposes.

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STM32WL5MOC module

The STM32WL5M is a tiny system-in-package module, integrating a programmable dual-core STM32WL5 SoC supporting LoRa®* modulation. With a 10x10mm LGA92 footprint, the module combines integrated crystals, ST IPD RF matching filters, and RX/TX switch for easy integration and reduced R&D effort. An optional STSAFE is available to further strengthen end-to-end security.

*LoRa® is a registered trademark of Semtech.

Product types:

The STM32WL5M module is certified for LoRaWAN® and Sigfox networks, ensuring seamless communication and compliance with FCC, CE, and IC regulations in all applications requiring LPWAN connectivity. It enables a shorter time-to-market, simplified ordering processes, and reduced product size.

Its open module architecture empowers customers to program their own firmware, granting them more flexibility and control over their end product's functionality. This versatility positions the module as a competitive choice for developers seeking a high level of customization.

The STM32WL5M module is fully integrated into the STM32CubeMX ecosystem, making development and configuration easy and efficient.

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  • Easy to use:
    • Module already certified, RF already fine-tuned, and product fully integrated in CubeMX. Plug in to enable ready-to-go wireless connectivity.
  • Ultralow-power consumption:
    • Low-power PA optimized for low-power radio performance and module leveraging the STM32WL5 SoC ultralow-power architecture.
  • Long range radio performance:
    • High-power LoRa radio and PA with long-range communication reduces gateway requirements and infrastructure costs.
  • Speed up time to market thanks to:
    • High integration in 2-layer PCB.
STM32WL5M, the 1st LoRaWAN-certified ST module democratizes sub-GHz applications in a big way!