STM32WL Series

Long-range wireless STM32WL microcontrollers

The STM32WL System-On-Chip integrates both a general purpose microcontroller and a sub-GHz radio on the same chip.

Built on Arm® Cortex®‐M cores (single- and dual-core architectures available), STM32WL microcontrollers support multiple modulations– LoRa®, 2(G)FSK, 4(G)FSK, (G)MSK, OOK, ASK, and BPSK, DSS and an I/Q interface to ensure flexibility in wireless applications with LoRaWAN®, Sigfox, W-MBUS, mioty® or any other suitable protocol in a fully open way.

Single Silicon Die STM32WL


Developed using the same technology as the one implemented in our ultra-low-power STM32L4 microcontrollers, the STM32WL series provides similar digital and analog peripherals for basic or complex application use cases requiring an extended battery life and a long RF range through its sub-GHz transceiver.

To ensure worldwide compatibility, the STM32WL MCUs feature a dual power output and a wide linear frequency range fitting any unlicensed RF spectrum need.

Overall, the STM32WL series is the STM32 family’s pioneer in sub-GHz wireless connectivity, offering ease-of-use and reliability, while being perfectly tailored for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

Wireless connectivity

STM32WL5x and STM32WLEx microcontrollers comply with the physical layer requirements of the LoRaWAN® specification released by the LoRa Alliance®. Available LoRa®, (G)FSK, (G)MSK and BPSK modulations can also be used in legacy and proprietary protocols, such as Sigfox or W-MBUS for example.

STM32WLxM comes pre-certified for connection to LoRaWAN and Sigfox networks. The open wireless subsystem supports multiple modulation schemes, including (G)FSK, (G)MSK, BPSK, in addition to LoRa® modulation.

STM32WL3x microcontrollers supports 2/4(G)FSK, (G)MSK, OOK, ASK, and BPSK, DSS modulations and an IQ Interface so developers can develop their own modulation for even more flexibility.

The radio is suitable for systems targeting compliance with radio regulations including, but not limited to, ETSI EN 300 220, FCC CFR 47 Part 15 and the Japanese ARIB T-108.

Wireless connectivity


System peripherals

The STM32WL3x (M0+ single-core), STM32WLEx (M4 single-core) and STM32WL5x (M4 and M0+ dual-core) lines include a wide variety of communication features including up to 43 GPIOs, an integrated SMPS for power consumption optimization, multiple low-power modes to maximize battery life. A dual-power output and wide linear frequency range ensure worldwide compatibility.


In addition to their wireless and ultra-low-power features, both STM32WLEx and STM32WL5x microcontroller lines include embedded security hardware functions such as AES hardware encryption, read / write protection.

Additionally, the STM32WLEx provides a public-key accelerator with an elliptic curve cryptographic engine and the dual-core STM32WL5x line also includes advanced security features such as: Secure Key Management Services (SKMS), secure areas hardware isolation, secure boot and secure firmware update.


Development ecosystem

The STM32WL55 Nucleo board and STM32Cube Ecosystem form a consistent set of hardware and software development tools to quickly and easily start developing your application.

The STM32WL55 Nucleo-64 enables you to immediately get started while enabling a wide range of wireless applications.

Fully integrated in the market-proven STM32Cube ecosystem, the STM32WL55 Nucleo comes with a comprehensive set of embedded software resources and development tools.

The STM32CubeWL MCU Package supporting STM32WL5x and STM32WLEx is a one-stop-shop solution for embedded software resources and features HAL and LL peripheral drivers, a full set of middleware and radio stacks (LoRaWAN® and Sigfox) together with various preconfigured software examples for several popular IDEs such as Keil MDK-Arm, STM32CubeIDE and IAR.

The STM32WL series is compatible with the STM32CubeMX MCU initialization, configuration and code generation tool, and with STM32CubeMonitor software to test and validate RF performance.

In addition to an on-board debugger that helps develop and test applications based on existing examples, the STM32WL55 Nucleo board offers many internal power-supply options, including the ST-LINK USB connector.

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STM32WLE5/E4 and STM32WL55/54 lines with advanced features

Extending our portfolio of wireless microcontrollers, the feature optimized STM32WLE5/E4 and STM32WL55/54 lines enable the design of cost-efficient connected devices running LoRaWAN®Sigfox™ and W-MBUS certified stacks or other proprietary or standardized sub-GHz protocols. With its energy-saving technologies and embedded advanced security featuresfor safe OTA updates, the STM32WLE5/E4 and STM32WL55/54 are ideal for industrial and consumer IoT applications.for Smart Metering, Smart logistics and many other IoT vertical markets.

The STM32WLE5/E4 and STM32WL55/54 MCUs are available and as well as a dedicated STM32CubeWL software.

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