ST25DV-I2C series Dynamic NFC Tags

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The ST25DV-I2C series of dynamic NFC/RFID tags offers a 13.56 MHz long-range interface compatible with NFC phones and readers.

Based on an ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag, ST25DV tag ICs can be operated from an RFID reader or an NFC phone. They also include an I2C interface that lets them connect to a host (MCU or MPU for example).

These tags feature an innovative fast transfer mode between an embedded host and an NFC phone or reader thanks to their half-duplex 256-byte buffer.

ST25DV-I2C dynamic NFC/RFID tags can be used in a wide variety of applications including consumer electronics, industrial, metering, electronic shelf labels, IoT objects and more.

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Key features

  • ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag contactless interface
  • 1-MHz I2C serial interface operating from 1.8 to 5.5 V
  • EEPROM memory density from 4 to 64 Kbits
  • Fast Transfer mode thanks to 256-byte buffer
  • Energy harvesting feature
  • 64-bit password protection
  • GPO interruption pin configurable on multiple RF events
  • Temperature ranges
    • Range 6:
      • From -40 to 85 °C
    • Range 8:
      • From -40 to 105 °C (UDFPN8 only)
      • From -40 to 125 °C (SO8N and TSSOP8 only, 105 °C max on RF interface)
  • Simple antenna design, backward compatible with M24LR series

By combining its Fast Transfer mode over ISO/IEC 15693 distances with NFC Forum Type 5 support as well as Energy Harvesting capabilities, the ST25DV-I2C series offers a unique set of features for a broad range of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial (Industry 4.0) applications.

Perfectly suited to get instant read-outs of device status, usage and diagnostics, ST25DV-I2C tags give battery-free or power-conscious devices the ability to communicate, even if they are completely sealed.

A common trademark is their ability to support multiple use-cases all along a product's lifetime: from product tracking and factory customization to black box tool at product end-of-life, as well as providing a convenient interface for end-user or maintenance support in the field.

NFC Antenna Design

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Step 1: Purchase Discovery kit, Nucleo board or Evaluation board


14 mm x 14 mm double layer antenna reference board for the ST25DV04K Dual Interface EEPROM


Discovery kit for ST25DV04K Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with fast transfer mode capability


Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC expansion board based on ST25DV04K for STM32 Nucleo


NFC Dynamic Tag sensor node evaluation board

Step 2: Download associated software


Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC software expansion for STM32Cube


Application executable of the "NFC Tap" Android app for ST25 product family


Application executable of the "NFC Tap" iOS app for ST25 product family


Windows® PC software for ISO15693, ISO14443-A/B, NFC and industrial readers


Software Development Kit for ST25 Tags and Dynamic Tags


Firmware for ST25DV-DISCOVERY kit

Step 3: Get trained