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To save space in energy-efficient and low-power motor drives, a new package version for the SLLIMM nano products has been introduced in the market. SLLIMM IPMs belong to our STPOWER family.

The SLLIMM -nano SMD (surface mounting device) product, combining six switches (planar IGBT or MOSFET) driven by three half-bridge high-voltage gate drivers in a compact full-molded DIP package, features a current capability up to 3 A, an optimized voltage drop in conduction and low electromagnetic interference.

This compact and thermally efficient package enhances reliability and allows heatsink-free design while the increased creepage and clearance assure safety isolation.

The SMD package is ideal for all the application boards where the reflow and wave soldering processes are mandatory, targeting low-power applications such as roller shutters, small fans, small compressors and any motor driver up to 80 W.