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Following the market request to use intelligent power modules (IPMs) even on motor control applications at a very low power range (up to 100 W), the first SLLIMM nano series in the DIL through hole leads package has been introduced in the ST IPM product portfolio. SLLIMM IPMs belong to our STPOWER family.

Combining six switches (planar IGBT or MOSFET) driven by three half-bridge high-voltage gate drivers in a compact full-molded DIP package with two different lead finish options (in line and zig-zag), the SLLIMM nano series is the ideal solution to satisfy the customer request to reduce assembly PCB/system space, without sacrificing thermal performance and reliability.

The SLLIMM nano boosts the efficiency of the main home appliance products like dishwashers, pumps and fans as well as any motor drives working up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries.