650V HB2 series - High speed (16 to 60 kHz)

Τhe 650 V IGBT HB2 series, based on the trench field-stop (TFS) technology and optimized for applications working at a switching frequency between 16 and 60 kHz, represents a step forward for the HB series. IGBTs belong to the STPOWER family. 

This medium/high-speed HB2 IGBT series combines lower saturation voltage (1.55 V typ.) with lower total gate charge compared to the previous HB series, ensuring a minimized overshoot voltage during turn-off, even with small gate resistance, and lower turn-off energy. These characteristics make these IGBTs the best choice for welding machines, PFC converters, UPS, solar inverters and DC chargers applications. The HB2 series, covering a wide current capability from 15 to 100 A, offers a product portfolio with three different diode options (protection diode, half-rated and full-rated diode) and in an extensive power package choice (D2PAK, TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-247 long leads and TO247-4). 

|| NEW || The HB2 series has been enlarged with 3 new STPOWER IGBTs including 50, 75 and 100 A devices housed in the high-performance TO247-4 leads package. The new IGBTs enhance switching performance thanks to the extra driving Kelvin pin in addition to the benefits offered by the outstanding HB2 series. The new 4-lead package significantly decreases turn-on switching energy ensuring an increased overall system efficiency in solar inverters and UPS.

To enhance single-phase PFC, boost topology applications and avoid accidental reverse overvoltage across the collector-to-emitter terminals, ST offers some dedicated products, ranging from 20 to 50 A, with embedded protection diode in TO-247 long leads package which belong to the HP2 sub-series.

STPOWER IGBT main characteristics:

  • Very low VCE(sat) (1.55 V typ.)
  • Low QG
  • High robustness and reliability
  • Maximum operating TJ of 175 °C

Our wide STPOWER product portfolio combined with state-of-the art packaging and protections for high reliability and safety helps designers find the right solutions for customized, high-efficiency applications that will last a long lifetime.