ST's 600 V and 650 V IGBTs supply a maximum collector current range from 3 A up to 150 A for applications with an operating frequency of up to 100 kHz.

ST's latest IGBTs are based on an advanced proprietary trench field-stop (TFS) technology and feature the world's best trade-off between static and dynamic characteristics.
Their maximum junction temperature (Tj max.) of 175 ˚C increases device reliability and lifetime. IGBTs belong to the STPOWER family.

These series, showing tail-less switch-off waveforms and co-packing a very fast freewheeling diode designed for very low Eon, enable high-efficiency designs for applications with an operating frequency from 2 to 100 kHz.

These are the latest 600 and 650 V TFS IGBT series:

  • IGBT H series: 600 V, 4 to 20 A IGBTs optimized for home appliance applications from 8 to 30 kHz
  • IGBT V series: 600 V, 20 to 80 A IGBTs optimized for welding and PFC applications from 50 to 100 kHz
  • IGBT HB series: 650 V, 20 to 80 A IGBTs optimized for PFC, induction heating and soft switching, welding, UPS, and solar inverter applications from 16 to 60 kHz
  • IGBT HB2 series: 650 V, 15 to 100 A IGBTs optimized for high-frequency converters, PFC, solar, UPS, charger, welding, induction heating and soft switching
  • IGBT IH series650 V, 20 to 50 A IGBTs optimized for induction heating and soft switching
  • IGBT M series650 V4 to 200 A IGBTs dedicated to motor control, HVAC, traction inverter, UPS and solar applications from 2 to 20 kHz

Our wide STPOWER product portfolio combined with state-of-the art packaging and protections for high reliability and safety helps designers find the right solutions for customized, high-efficiency applications that will last a long lifetime.

600 - 650 V IGBTs