>= 1350V IH2 series - Soft switching (20 to 60 kHz)

The STPOWER IGBT family has been extended with the new 1350V voltage class IH2 series for induction heating applications in single switch quasi-resonant topology.
The new IGBTs feature higher breakdown voltage capability combined with copackaged low-drop diode and 25 A and 35 A current capabilities in
TO-247 long lead packages.

The 1350 V IH2 series is based on advanced trench gate field-stop (TGFS) technology and combines very high breakdown voltage capability with low VCEsat and an extended 175°C maximum junction temperature to ensure higher reliability and ruggedness with suitable margin under all operating conditions.
Moreover, thanks to the low-drop diode and optimized turn-off energy, the 1350V IH2 series ensures very high efficiency in soft switching conditions.


The 1350V IH2 series helps maximize efficiency in single-switch quasi-resonant converters over a wide 16 to 60 kHz switching frequency range.

Product types

Specifically designed for induction heating applications, the 1350 V IH2 series in trench gate field-stop (TGFS) IGBT technology offers higher breakdown voltage, lower VCEsat, and lower thermal resistance over the previous series.

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The 1350 V IH2 series IGBTs are available for 25 and 35 A in TO-247 long-lead packages:


  • High robustness and reliability thanks to 1350 V breakdown voltage and extended maximum TJ of 175°C
  • Optimized VCEsat-EOFF tradeoff for soft switching commutation
  • Positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient with tight parameter distribution for design simplification and easy paralleling
  • Low-drop freewheeling diode for highest efficiency in soft-switching conditions