ST’s portfolio of silicon-carbide MOSFETs features the industry’s highest operating junction temperature rating of 200 °C and significantly reduced total power losses for more efficient, smaller and lighter systems. 

They feature a very low on-state resistance (RDS(on)) per area even at high temperatures and excellent switching performance versus the best-in-class silicon technologies, with minimal variation versus temperature. Bring all the benefits of silicon-carbide MOSFETs to your system with ST’s SiC MOSFET technology.

Key features Their corresponding benefits
Low on-state resistance  Higher system efficiency & reduced cooling system dimensions
Unsurpassed on-state resistance over 200 °C  More performance stability at high temperatures
Higher switching frequency More efficient applications
Reduced cooling system requirements More compact PCB form factor
Higher breakdown voltage (10 times greater than silicon)  High voltage capability
Higher temperature applications (up to 200 °C) More versatile
Lower switching loss More energy savings
Small passive components More compact and less heavy systems
Simple to drive ST’s 2nd generation SiC MOSFETs can be easily driven at 18 V
Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode  No need for external freewheeling diodes
Complete ST in-house manufacturing process Uncompromised quality and reliability  

Our portfolio includes a wide range of operating voltages for Industrial and Automotive applications such as traction inverters, on-board chargers & fast chargers, DC-DC converters, SMPS/high-end PFCs, auxiliary power supplies, and UPS/Solar/Welding.

650 V, 90 A, 18 mΩ silicon-carbide power MOSFET in H2PAK SMD and HiP247 packages

ST has extended its offering of SiC MOSFETs with the introduction of a 650 V, 90 A power MOSFET in high-performance H2PAK SMD and HiP247 packages offering a very high operating junction temperature capability (TJ = 175 °C). 

The SCTH90N65G2V-7  and SCTW90N65G2V can manage high breakdown voltages with extremely low gate charge and input capacitances with remarkably low on-resistance per unit area and very good switching performance.