Design Win

Positioning motor control solution with EtherCAT connectivity

Solution Description

This solution represents a comprehensive motor control and digital actuation node in an industrial Ethernet network implementation for factory automation. It features real-time multi-axis motor control in daisy chain configuration using the EtherCAT protocol, and is complete with a central microcontroller, precision motor driving circuitry, Ethernet network controller and interfaces, 2-channel digital I/O actuation, and comprehensive power management from an industrial 20V - 48V supply.

The STM32 microcontroller running field-oriented control firmware takes command messages received via the EtherCAT network and quadrature encoder feedback from the motors to modulate the STDRIVE101 three-phase driver for low-voltage PMSM drives.

The 3rd party NetX90 network processor manages Ethernet connectivity for centralized real-time motor control, and protected 2-channel digital inputs are available through a CLT03-2Q3 current limiter, while precise 2-channel load actuation and driving is managed by the IPS160H intelligent power switch.

The power management section delivers regulated voltages for the motors and output switches, as well as to the MCU and Ethernet processor, with appropriate monitoring and protection mechanisms, to ensure robust ongoing operation in an industrial environment.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STM32F767- 216MHz MCU

    This microcontroller with 216MHz Arm Cortex-M7 core has the performance and peripherals to simultaneously manage the high data processing requirements of the field-oriented control algorithm with real-time communication, along with servo drive actuation and digital input/output interfacing.

    STDRIVE101 - BLDC motor controller

    This IC ensures robust 3-phase BLDC motor control by including all the half-bridge gate drivers, its own linear supply regulator and monitoring and protection functions in a highly integrated chip, also allowing far more compact solution designs. The embedded STH270N8F7-2 Power MOSFET feature high drain source voltage for 48V operation at very high switching efficiency.

    IPS160H - intelligent power switch 

    This intelligent power switch with 60V max rating up to 2.4A and integrated current, overtemperature, and load disconnection protection is ideal for robust driving of different industrial loads.

    CLT03-2Q3 - current limiter 

    This input current limiter allows the node to receive 0-24V sensor and other digital input signals with the necessary robustness and compliance with surge standards to ensure appropriate protection on sensitive logic circuitry and components. 

    L7987L - monolithic switching regulator 

    This compact step-down monolithic switching regulator up to 2 A DC with adjustable output voltage and current limitation features light load efficiency and constant current protection for the specific application conditions.

    LD39150DT33-R - ultra-low drop linear regulator 

    This fast ultra-low drop linear regulator delivers highly regulated voltage to the MCU and Ethernet network processor, offering low drop voltage, low noise, and ultra-low quiescent current for maximum standby efficiency.

  • All Features

    • Real-time, multi-axial position control with FOC algorithm
    • Multi-protocol real-time high-speed Ethernet connectivity with EtherCAT stack
    • 700W power capability with low thermal dissipation
    • Data processing MCU with signal processing peripherals
    • 2-channel load driving output and protected sensor feedback input
    • Compact form factor with high noise immunity
    • Low voltage platform up to 48V operation
    • Capability to drive any kind of load, capacitive, resistive, inductive