Design Win

6W Non-isolated High Voltage Converter

Solution Description

This is an ideal solution for auxiliary SMPS in low-power applications for home appliances, building, lighting and motion control, as well as small industrial and consumer applications requiring non-isolated configurations.

The design features high efficiency, power density and low stand-by in a straightforward flyback topology, which ensures a rugged and low-cost solution with a minimal BOM.

The VIPer11 high voltage converter, which integrates an error amplifier and logic-level MOSFET with smart overvoltage protection and 18 VDC drain voltage start up, is the key element in this compact and ultra-low consumption SMPS with 5 V output voltage.

  • Key Product Benefits


    This smart high voltage converter from the VIPerPlus series integrates an 800 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET with PWM current mode control. It can manage a wider input voltage range with a smaller DRAIN snubber circuitry, while the 4.5 V to 30 V VCC operating voltage allows a direct 5 V supply with minimal BOM. The low start-up voltage, and pulse frequency operation under light load ensures the device can satisfy highly stringent energy saving regulations.

    Flyback design

    The flyback topology is highly suited to low-power non-isolated SMPS applications, allowing low current rating of magnetic components and active devices, while ensuring high efficiency and minimum no-load consumption.

  • All Features

    • Compact and reliable design suitable for virtually any non-isolated 5 V SMPS application
    • Wide input voltage range
    • Excellent conversion efficiency for 5V/1.2A, compliant to CoC5 and DOE
      • active mode efficiency @ VIN =115VAC: 79.4%
      • active mode efficiency @ VIN =230VAC: 79.0%
      • 10% output load efficiency @ VIN =115VAC: 77.3%
      • 10% output load efficiency @ VIN =230VAC: 71.7%
    • Extremely low no-load consumption
      • 3.9mW @VIN = 115VAC
      • 7.9 mW @VIN = 230 VAC
    • High efficiency @ POUT = 250mW and @ PIN = 1W
      • POUT = 250mW efficiency @ VIN =115VAC: 71.9%
      • POUT = 250mW efficiency @ VIN =230VAC: 65.3%
      • PIN = 1W efficiency @ VIN =115VAC: 76.7%
      • PIN = 1W efficiency @ VIN =230VAC: 70.6%
    • Suite of protections builds high tolerance to input and load anomalies and avoids equipment damage
    • Able to satisfy stringent energy savings and emissions regulations