Design Win

Adaptive Front Lighting Solution

Solution Description

The Adaptive Front Lighting Solution kit is available, built according to the AutoDevKit™ initiative. The hardware and the software of the kit is split in well separated hardware and software components to allow the developer to easily evaluate, add / remove features, customize the code and quickly achieve a prototype platform.

Target Applications

  • Car Headlights (low beam, high beam, Daytime Running Light, Turn indicator, Fog light)
  • Emergency vehicle lights (police cars, ambulances, fire trucks…)  
  • Vehicle auxiliary lights (jeeps, motorbikes, tractors…) 

  • Key Product Benefits

    SPC58C - Automotive MCUs

    The SPC58 Chorus C Line is part of our General-Purpose Automotive Power Architecture® MCUs. It is designed for body, networking and security applications such as secure onboard communication systems in connected vehicles.Designed in compliance with ISO 26262 specifications, the SPC58 C Line supports the ASIL-B safety standard as well as EVITA medium security level to secure on-board architecture and communication protocols such as Ethernet with Audio Video Bridging (AVB) capability.

    L9616 - 1Mbaud bidirectional transceiver

    The L9616 is a bidirectional transceiver for signal conditioning and processing in connection with a CAN controller. Data rates of up to 1 Mbaud are supported using either shielded or non-shielded pair of lines.

    L99SM81V - Automotive grade stepper motor driver

    The L99SM81V is an automotive grade integrated driver for bipolar two-phase stepper motors capable of current controlled micro-stepping with programmable amplitude. The device features a 5 V voltage regulator to supply external sensors.

  • All Features

    • Combination of boards to create an automatic front light adjustment system (AFL)
    • Entire system controlled and monitored by MCU board
      • Fully compatible with AEKD-AFLLIGHT1 head light simulator available separately, with the following loads:
      • two stepper motors for light projection angle adjustment (X and Y directions);
      • LED string currents for high beam, low beam, DRL and direction lights;
      • a cooling fan.
    • Includes STSW-AFL001 firmware ready to be flashed on control board SPC58 MCU with demo application software for independent control of above loads
    • Dedicated connector board for easy connection and disconnection of boards during testing and prototyping
    • Additional generic connector board facilitates connector pin reassignments and board stacking
    • WEEE and RoHS compliant
    • All ST components are qualified Automotive grade
    • All boards are packaged independently
    • Part of the AutoDevKit initiative