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Low Voltage BLDC Automotive Motor Control Solution

Solution Description

This solution describes how to easily drive a specific 24V BLDC motor using a simple CAN interface and can be customized for similar Hall-effect sensor three-phase motors compatible with a 12, 24, or 48 V bus.

Thanks to its field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm, this compact, low-noise, high-precision drive is controllable using the standard CAN ‘command set’ from any existing domain/zone controller without having to deal with control loop bandwidth and resource requirements.

Designed for brushless motors in automotive applications, the L9908 drives 6 independent Power MOSFETS organized in three-level half-bridge topology to control three-phase BLDC motors. An SPC56 P Line automotive microcontroller running the motor control firmware communicates with the CAN controller of the vehicle’s general-purpose microcontroller via a high-speed L9616 bidirectional CAN transceiver responsible for signal conditioning and processing.

  • Key Product Benefits

    L9908 Automotive 3-phase motor gate driver unit

    - Each channel can be independently configured for driving different loads

    - Safe operation is ensured by shoot-through diagnosis, dead-time, short to battery, short to ground and open load detection plus real-time phase voltage monitoring.

    L9616 Automotive high-speed CAN bus transceiver

    - Supports data rates up to 1 Mbaud using either shielded or non-shielded line pairs

    - Includes slope control mechanism to reduce RFI and EMI

    SPC560P50L5 32-bit Power Architecture MCU 

    - Flexible solution with memory sizes up to 1 Mbyte and ADCs to ensure a perfect fit in terms of performance versus application needs

    - Seamless upgrades if application requirements change over time

    - Fail-safe protections

  • All Features

    • Supply voltages: 12, 24, and 48 V
    • Depending on the selected motor:
    • Rated power: 65 W
    • Rated torque: 13 Ncm
    • Rated current: 3.26 A
    • Rated voltage: 24 V
    • Rated speed: 4840 rpm

    Considering just the board, the absolute maximum current rating is 80A @ 25°C

    All key products are Automotive-grade devices.