Design Win

100W High Voltage Motor Control Solution for 3-phase Inverters

Solution Description

This complete 3-phase motor drive inverter solution implements field-oriented control (FOC) of sinusoidal-shaped permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), with nominal power up to 100 W.

It consists of a digital control block with STM32F303 microcontroller that generates signals for the STIPNS2M50T-H intelligent power module (IPM) based on FOC algorithms and current and motor speed feedback signals from the IPM and motor, which are conditioned by the TSV994 Op-Amp into suitable microcontroller peripheral inputs.

The STIPNS2M50T-H IPM functions as the AC motor drive in the rugged and compact trademark SLLIMM-nano package designed to occupy very little space in motor assemblies. Three high voltage half-bridge gate driver ICs and six Power MOSFETs in the module generate the appropriate phase currents, while a host of sensing and protection features provide many of the functions necessary for a viable and robust solution.

The FOC algorithms for the solution can be developed using the STM32Cube Motor Control Software Development Kit (X-CUBE-MCDK) with graphical interface for setting up and generating algorithm code and more.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STIPNS2M50T-H - Intelligent Power Module

    SLLIMM-nano (small low-loss intelligent molded module) is a highly compact package with excellent thermal characteristics designed to meet the harsh conditions and limited space requirements of motor assemblies It consists of six MOSFETs, three high voltage half-bridge gate driver ICs and a series of features such as under-voltage lockout, smart shutdown, internal temperature sensor and NTC, overcurrent protection and internal op-amp.

    STM32F303 - MCU with DSP capabilites

    This 72 MHz MCU based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 core plus FPU and DSP instructions has the power to run the FOC algorithms as well as a range of integrated analog peripherals to reduce costs and simplify application designs.

    TSV994 - High speed Op-Amp

    This quad Op-Amp offers fast and accurate feedback signal conditioning with an excellent speed/power consumption ratio, a 20 MHz gain-bandwidth, stable for gains above 4 (100 pF capacitive load), while consuming only 1.1 mA maximum at 5 V.

  • All Features

    • Input voltage: from 125 to 400 VDC
      • Nominal power: up to 100 W
      • Nominal current: up to 1.2 A
    • Input auxiliary voltage: up to 20 VDC
    • Single- or three-shunt resistors for current sensing (with sensing network)
    • Three options for current sensing: dedicated external op-amps, internal
    • SLLIMM-nano SMD op-amp (single) or via MCU
    • Overcurrent hardware protection
    • IPM temperature monitoring and protection
    • Hall sensor or encoder input
    • Universal design for further evaluation with breadboard and testing pins
    • Support to FOC and/or six step algorithms