Design Win

5kW Low voltage electric traction inverter

Solution Description

This highly versatile and efficient electric traction inverter solution can deliver 5kW of power for an automotive drivetrain at the common low speed electric  vehicle battery voltage of 48V.

The design features an automotive SPC5 MCU with FOC library to control a programmable L9907 gate driver for three-phase synchronous motors, with fault monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.

The power is delivered through 36 STripFET F7 automotive-grade power MOSFETS arrayed on an insulated metal substrate (IMS) for superior thermal dissipation.

Bus link capacitors ensure a more stable supply input, and sensing elements provide the necessary motor current feedback information for effective motor control.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STH315N10F7-6 - High speed switch

    This N-channel Power MOSFETs utilizes STripFET F7 technology with enhanced trench gate structure to deliver very low on-state resistance, as well as reduced internal capacitance and gate charge for faster and more efficient switching

    SPC560P50L3 - Automotive Microcontroller

    This 32-bit system-on-chip (SoC) microcontroller is specifically designed for automotive and chassis applications and is compatible with ST motor control library with ST-FOC algorithm (sensored and sensorless mode).

    L9907 - BLDC Driver

    This automotive FET driver for 3 phase BLDC motor realized in advanced BCD-6s technology. It can withstand -7 V to 90 V at the FET high-side Driver pins and it has 2-differential current sense amplifiers and a complete set of protection and diagnostic 

  • All Features

    • Insulated metal substrate (IMS) for efficient cooling
    • Hosts 36 STH315N10F7 power MOSFETs in the H²PAK-6 (6 switch) package
    • 3-shunt resistors ground referred for current sensing (optional)
    • 3 NTCs for thermal protection
    • Driving stage based onL9907 three phase gate driver AEC-Q100 qualified
    • Full diagnostic via SPI
    • Current sense amplifiers
    • Overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent with VDS drop monitoring, overtemperature and shutdown
    • Programmable gate current capability
    • Control stage based on SPC560P50L3 32-bit system-on-chip (SoC) automotive microcontroller  Compatible with ST motor control library with ST-FOC algorithm (sensored and sensorless mode)
    • Analog/digital input/output interface