Design Win

Compact 27W USB Type-C Power Delivery 3.1 with PPS adapter

Solution Description

USB has evolved from a quite simple data interface capable of supplying limited power to a primary provider of power with a data interface.

The SL-USBPD27S solution, presented here, is a USB-PD 3.1 reference design supporting pps capability. The architecture consists of three main stages:

  • A power supply section implementing a QR fly-back topology based on the STD7N65M6 MDmesh™ M6 primary MOSFET, which combines a very low RDS(on) per area plus a high effective switching behaviour.
  • A power control stage embedding the STCH03 on the primary side able to combine high performance low-voltage PWM controlling features with a 650V HV start-up cell in the same package, ensuring low pin count.
  • A digital control stage based on the STM32G071KB Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU that manages the USB Power Delivery stack, controls the USB Type-C connector and the Power Delivery 3.1 communication protocol, while controlling the adaptive synchronous rectification through its peripherals. Moreover, The TCPP01-M12 safely interfaces the USB-C connector to the MCU, ensuring the highest robustness and protecting against any destructive electrostatic discharge (ESD).


Here following the key technical benefits related to the solution:


  • STM32G0 MCU based approach for a high flexibility to follow the Power Delivery standard evolution and to implement additional customized application layers, such as the synchronous rectification.STM32G0 is the world’s 1st standard USB PD 3.1 microcontroller with a USBPD interface
  • Specific algorithm running on STM32 to control the VBUS on the secondary side, and compliant to USB Type-C and Power Delivery and PPS specification. The algorithm also implements the cable drop compensation as well minimizes internal drops (i.e., due to RDSon), featuring patented converter control strategy
  • Unique and patented Adaptive Synchronous Rectification Algorithm, MCU- based, for improved efficiency and reduced BoM 


  • Key Product Benefits

    STCH03 - flyback converter

    The STCH03 current-mode controller is designed for an offline quasi-resonant ZVS (zero-voltage-switching at switch turn-on) flyback converter. It combines a high-performance low-voltage PWM controller chip and a 650V HV start-up cell in the same package. Constant output voltage (CV) regulation loop is achieved by secondary side feedback, while providing constant output current regulation (CC) using primary-sensing feedback.

    STD7N65M6 - Power MOSFET

    The new MDmesh™ M6 technology incorporates the most recent advancements to the well-known and consolidated MDmesh family of SJ MOSFETs. STMicroelectronics builds on the previous generation of MDmesh devices through its new M6 technology, which combines excellent RDS(on) per area improvement with one of the most effective switching behaviors available, as well as a user-friendly experience for maximum end-application efficiency.

    STM32G071KB - high-performance microcontroller

    The STM32G071x8/xB mainstream microcontrollers are based on high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 64 MHz frequency. They provide a fully integrated USB Type-C Power Delivery controller ideal for the presented solution.


    TCPP01-M12 USB Type-C port protection

    The TCPP01-M12 (Type-C port protection) is a single chip solution for USB Type-C port protection that facilitates the migration from USB legacy connectors type-A or type-B to USB Type-C connectors.


    ESDA15P60-1UiM - TVS diode

    The ESDA15P60-1U1M is a unidirectional single line TVS diode designed to protect the power line against EOS and ESD transients.

  • All Features

    • USB Type-C connector is a universal ports and ensure reversible plug orientation
    • Deliver up to 27W through the USB Power Delivery (PD) profiles while supporting charging algorithms with the Programmable Power Supply (PPS).
    • Features adaptive synchronous rectification.
    • Thanks to the minimum bill of material, the SL-USBPD27S solution allows to easily design compact and cost-effective adapters.
    • Fully re-programmable with STLINK-V3MINI adapter plus the STM32CubeIDE advanced C/C++ platform