Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are widely used in holding and positioning applications in the computer, security, industrial automation sectors. Depending on the number of phases, the winding arrangement and the required level of motion smoothness, ST offers several types of bipolar stepper motor drivers to ensure the best performance for your application. In bipolar stepper motors, current can flow in both directions; a full-bridge converter is required to drive each of the two windings of a two-phase motor.

During motion, the type of electronic control (full step, half step, microstepping) and the resulting phase current waveform impact the vibration level, the acoustic noise, motion smoothness and sensitivity to resonances. STMicroelectronics today offers a full range of components to optimize motor control systems. This range of evaluation boards  for Stepper motors showcases our innovative and cost-effective motor control solutions to simplify and speed-up your design project.