Efficiency at All Levels

Benefits for Analog and RF designs

FD-SOI brings many advantages to analog design. The total dielectric isolation of the channel allows for lower gate capacitance and leakage currents, as well as the benefit of latch-up immunity. Moreover, the absence of channel doping and pocket implants in the fully depleted transistor produce lower noise and higher gains (up to +15dB) when compared to bulk technologies.

All this translates to smaller and simpler analog circuits, with higher performance at lower operating power.

Outstanding power efficiency

The improved electrostatic characteristics and dielectric isolation in FD-SOI bring two main advantages. First, it maintains competitive operation speed at low voltage. Then, it allows much more effective body biasing, providing profound control over the channel, with the ability to optimize passive and dynamic power consumptions.

Unrivaled immunity against radiation

Thanks to its ultra-thin body and buried oxide, by construction the FD-SOI technology exhibits  high resilience against radiation errors, such as bit flip or latch-up, bringing additional reliability to high performance systems-on-chips, as well as area saving (e.g. simplifying ECC strategy for SRAMs).

Beyond the intrinsic benefits of FD-SOI technology, for 20+ years ST has been developing a whole set of techniques to design Rad-Hard circuits.  Our long-standing expertise in radiation modeling, design and test allows the company to offer quasi-immune circuits aimed at highly demanding market segments such as safety, automotive ADAS, space, industrial, medical and networking.

Benefits for memories

Combined with ST’s patented “single well” bitcell architecture, FD-SOI dramatically improves SRAM memory performance, operating at low voltage and with extremely low leakage, while keeping similar read/write speed as conventional bulk SRAM.

Going further in efficiency with ePCM

Combined with ST’s Phase Change Memory (PCM) technology, FD-SOI brings further benefits to the final application.  Thanks to the high-energy efficiency, high reliability, and radiation immunity of this memory technology, ICs designed in FD-SOI with embedded PCM can operate with the most stringent requirements to address the most demanding applications in automotive, industrial, or aerospace markets.