Outstanding power efficiency

The improved electrostatic characteristics in FD-SOI bring two main advantages: faster operation at low voltage and better management of the energy. Thanks to an ultra-thin buried oxide (BOX), body biasing is much more effective for controlling the transistor channel, allowing the optimization of static and dynamic power consumption.

Overall, FD-SOI shows outstanding power efficiency, leading to higher computing power per watt, lower thermal dissipation, and extended battery life for portable devices.

Benefits for memories

Combined with ST’s patented “single-well” bit-cell architecture, FD-SOI significantly improves SRAM memory behavior, allowing it to operate at low voltage and with extremely low leakage currents, while keeping performance comparable to conventional bulk SRAM.

Furthermore, FD-SOI memories exhibit best-in-class immunity against radiation errors, bringing area savings and strong reliability to the system.

Benefits for Analog and high-speed designs

FD-SOI also brings many advantages to analog design. The total dielectric isolation of the channel allows for lower gate capacitance and leakage currents, as well as the benefit of total latch-up immunity. Moreover, the absence of channel doping and pocket implants in the fully depleted transistor produce lower noise specifications and higher gains (up to +15dB) when compared to bulk technologies.

All this translates to smaller and simpler analog circuits, with higher performance at lower operating power.

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