Imaging premium

Providing access to advanced imaging technologies

ST delivers specialized and differentiated imaging solutions for a variety of applications, leveraging extensive expertise in optical modules and image sensors and a continuously expanding portfolio of proprietary technologies.
We provide access to advanced Imaging technologies through our CMOS image sensor (CIS) foundry services. These services let you address innovative opportunities with support for both low- and high-volume projects. With our “foundry plus” approach and significant investments in R&D, ST has developed technologies, IP and tools for creating unique solutions. ST offers access to imaging experts with a broad spectrum of know-how at technology, design, system, and industrialization levels.

We offer premium services to accompany you throughout the product lifecycle while supporting a wide variety of applications. ST foundries have an excellent track record in the manufacture of specialized imaging ICs and modules. Regular multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttles also help lower development costs and minimize the risk involved with a costly dedicated maskset.
ST’s imaging technologies and foundry services are suitable for a variety of applications, from high-volume consumer and mobile markets to specialized markets, such as medical or DSLR. They also address automotive, space and defense applications, as well as machine vision for industrial applications and robotics.

Wide range of targeted applications

  • Professional photography and video (DSLR, broadcast)
  • Machine vision
  • X-ray, medical
  • Automotive
  • Security
  • Space

Imaging premium foundry services

  • 8" and 12" CIS wafer fabs in Europe
  • In house μLens, color filter, 1D & 2D stitching
  • Process and yield tuning and optimization
  • Pixel architecture and design, quality and failure analysis

Broad technology portfolio and extensive expertize

  • Specialized silicon technology building blocks
  • Small and large, rolling and global shutter sensors
  • SPAD
  • Large range of analog and digital IP
  • ISP, pixel, algorithmic and optics expertise