MEMS technology:
the sustainability gem
for always-aware applications

Be smart and efficient with intelligent MEMS accelerometers

What could be more satisfying than developing sustainable industrial and consumer applications with always-on functionality and excellent energy efficiency?

The answer is always-aware applications where the sensors themselves provide context information.

Today, you have the hardware to build sustainable always-on, always-aware applications that will support people’s daily activities intuitively, seamlessly, and continuously.

The latest generation of ST accelerometers help you design ultralow power IoT nodes with high-level functionality, so they can remain on, operational and independent of permanent connection to networks or cloud services.

Our featured MEMS accelerometers:

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We need smarter devices that consume less energy. Let us help you manage this equation.

With antialiasing & motion detection
With AI & antialiasing
With Qvar, AI, & antialiasing
Always-aware applications with smart accelerometers

Never lose your keys again

The LIS2DU12 will stretch the battery life on applications like location tags for car keys, luggage, and bicycles, so you never lose them.

Hear More, Live More

The LIS2DU12 has built-in features to ensure longer hearing assistance for a growing number of people across all age groups.

Track your assets

The AI in the LIS2DUX12 accelerometer helps you determine whether your items were shaken, kept straight, rolled, or dropped during transportation.

Smart Wearables, Smarter Movements

With AI and Qvar sensing capabilities, the LIS2DUXS12 ensures reliable activity recognition and gesture detection in headsets, TWS, smart watches, and wrist bands.

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