iNEMO inertial modules integrate complementary types of sensors to offer more compact, robust, and easy-to-assemble solutions compared to discrete MEMS products.

iNEMO System-in-packages (SiP) combine accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer in a monolithic 6-axis or 9-axis solution.

The integration of multiple sensor outputs bring motion sensing systems to the level of accuracy required for the most demanding applications, such as enhanced gesture recognition, gaming, augmented reality, indoor navigation and localization-based services.

LSM6DSL and LSM6DSM combine OIS and motion-tracking

Ultra-low-power 6-Axis MEMS sensor modules for “always-on” motion-sensing

ST’s new ultra-low-power LSM6DSL and LSM6DSM highly miniaturized 6-axis MEMS inertial modules reduce power consumption by as much as 50% over current-generation products, enabling a much longer “always-on” motion-sensing that results in an enhanced user experience for battery-powered applications.

In addition to supporting main OS requirements, these modules offer real, virtual and batch sensors with up to 4 Kbytes for dynamic data batching for advanced pedometer, timestamp, wrist tilt and many other smart functions. Specifically designed for OIS applications, the LSM6DSM comes with a new low-noise gyroscope and configurable filter as well as a dedicated additional processing and serial port that together improve camera-OIS performance. Both devices are available in 14-lead LGA modules (2.5 x 3 x 0.83 mm) that are pin-and-footprint compatible with LSM6DS3/H devices.