iNEMO-Inertial Modules

iNemo subbrand imageiNEMO inertial modules integrate complementary sensors in compact, robust, and easy-to-assemble inertial measurement units (IMU).

iNEMO system-in-packages (SiP) combine an accelerometer and a gyroscope in a monolithic 6-axis solution.

The integration of multiple sensor outputs ensures the highest accuracy of motion-sensing systems for the most demanding applications, such as enhanced gesture recognition, gaming, augmented reality, indoor navigation, and localization-based services.


  • Motion tracking
  • User interface
  • Power optimization
  • Context recognition
  • Activity monitoring
  • Gesture recognition
  • Power system optimization
  • User interface
  • Bone conduction detection for speech enhanced
  • Battery saving
  • Motion tracking
  • User interface
  • Navigation
  • User interface
  • Advanced context recognition
  • Battery saving
  • System power optimization

Growing iNEMO family of sensors

ST’s iNEMO portfolio includes inertial measurement modules, modules with machine learning cores, and intelligent sensor processing units.

  • Inertial measurement modules

    These sensors offer application developers best-in-class motion sensing for orientation and gesture detection with more sophisticated features and capabilities than simple movement detection. These modules are designed with integrated hardware features and enable efficient and reliable motion tracking and contextual awareness.

  • Sensors with embedded machine learning core

    iNEMO inertial modules with embedded machine learning core save even more power at system level. The MLC is an in-sensor engine with classification-based AI algorithm (decision tree) able to run different tasks while the sensors are detecting motion data.

  • Sensors with intelligent sensor processing units

    This entirely new type of sensor is based on an extremely integrated, ultra-low-power circuit. The intelligent sensor processing unit (ISPU) is a tiny C programmable processor that can execute signal processing and AI algorithms in the sensor and is compatible with the most common development tools. ISPU sensors support signal processing and AI inference, machine learning and deep learning, and even binary neural networks, offering broad programming flexibility on a power budget in the order of microwatts.


  • Best-in-class power consumption for always-on applications
  • High accuracy over time and temperature for a superior motion and context experience
  • High shock survivability guaranteeing very high robustness
  • Local processing with ML algorithms and low microamp consumption
  • Sensor AI programming flexibility
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