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ST News and Updates (monthly)
available in: English, 日本語
Each month, we highlight the latest innovations and solutions offered by our product portfolios, across the spectrum of electronics applications.

Industry sector newsletters

Artificial intelligence (bi-yearly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Subscribe to this newsletter for the latest news on the technology and tools that allow embedded developers to take advantage of AI on ST microcontrollers and sensors.

Automotive (quarterly)
available in: English
See how ST is making driving safer, greener, and more connected in compliance with the most stringent automotive certifications.

Motor Control (quarterly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Discover the latest innovations covering brushed DC, stepper and brushless motors including our line-up of STSPIN motor drivers as well as our development ecosystem.

Internet of Things (quarterly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Keep up with the latest products and development tools for sensing, processing, and connecting in the Internet of Things.

Industrial (quarterly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Read the latest news about our leading-edge solutions for Industry 4.0 and industrial-grade products.

Wireless Connectivity (bi-yearly)
available in: English
Find out about the most recent advances and products for wireless networking using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, sub-1GHz and other technologies in smart things and more.

Product area newsletters

MEMS & sensors (quarterly)
available in: English, 简体中文
The latest on our accelerometers and gyroscopes as well as magnetic, humidity, temperature, audio, inertial and pressure sensors.

Microcontroller (bi-monthly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Keep up with the newest microcontrollers and microprocessors and their dedicated ecosystem, from 8-bit MCUs up to 32-bit ARM®-based Cortex®-M and A multicore microcontrollers and microprocessors.

STM32 Open Development Environment (bi-yearly)
available in: English
Learn how our open, flexible development environment can help you create innovative devices and applications based on STM32 MCUs and state-of-the-art ST components.

Power Management (quarterly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Receive the latest news on our energy-saving, high-power-density and lower-standby-power design solutions.

Power discretes & modules (quarterly)
available in: English, 简体中文
Discover ST’s power discrete components and modules based on Silicon and Silicon Carbide technology for efficient, immune, and compact products that can operate in hard-switching circuitries.