How to use NFC technology to track assets worldwide

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Many companies operate on a global scale and have complex supply chain flows. Over 50% of companies worldwide face difficulties in optimizing their supply chain flows, because they don’t have a clear view on their operations, their costs, or their products’ location on a daily basis.

The lack of visibility over supply chain operations also opens the door to gray market practices and sales losses, as goods may be easy to copy or steal if they fall into the wrong hands.

69% of companies do not have total visibility over their supply chains.

Source: Finances Online (2021/2022)

See how using NFC technology for asset tracking and to monitor product location can optimize your supply chain flows.

NFC: the key to improving visibility over supply chain flows

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a wireless connectivity technology based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabling contactless communication between an NFC reader chip and an NFC tag. The NFC reader is the main controller of the communication system, as it initiates the wireless communication, powers up the NFC tag, and sends commands through the magnetic field to the passive NFC tag.

NFC readers are nowadays embedded in smartphones and payment terminals for example, but can also be embedded in warehouse entrances and gateways. One of the benefits of NFC technology is its ease of integration: the smallest NFC tags available are approximately 10 mm wide and can easily go unnoticed in product packaging, clothes, or wine bottles for example.

How it works

NFC brings an efficient and secure solution for asset tracking all along the supply chain and to fight against grey markets and unauthorized channels. NFC tags allow brands to have more visibility on their supply chain and avoid grey market diversions.

An NFC tag can embed a dedicated asset-tracking functionality. By setting up check-points at different locations across the globe, companies can monitor the location of their goods thanks to the NFC tags embedded in the product, and the NFC readers set up in their warehouses and offices for example. If a product is lost or stolen, the brand will know exactly which product it was thanks to the tag’s Unique Identifier (UID).

By knowing what product is where at any time, brands are provided with more visibility over their supply chain flows, at a local and global level.

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