How NFC technology can help consumers configure their products upon first use

Drill wood

Configuring one’s product before first use can be more challenging than it seems, especially with products that come with several accessories.

See how embedding NFC tags into goods can simplify device configuration for end users.

From product unboxing to first use: a time-consuming process

Programming a smart device can be complex and take a lot of time if companies don’t optimize this step. Brands need to make sure that consumers can properly use their product as soon as possible once they have unpacked it. Otherwise, it can result in frustrations, and negatively impact brand reputation.

How to leverage NFC technology to make product adoption easier for end users

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a wireless connectivity technology based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabling contactless communication between an NFC reader chip and an NFC tag.

The NFC reader is the main controller of the communication system, as it initiates the wireless communication, powers up the NFC tag, and sends commands through the magnetic field to the passive NFC tag. NFC readers can be found in smartphones and payment terminals for instance.

One of the benefits of NFC technology is its ease of integration: the smallest NFC tags available are approximately 10 mm wide and can easily go unnoticed in consumer products.

How it works

NFC brings an efficient solution to make product configuration easier upon first use.

An NFC solution, combining a reader in the main unit and a tag in the accessory, allows users to quickly set up their smart device. They simply need to place the NFC reader on the tag for the configuration to automatically take place.

For a drill, for example, accessory recognition triggers an automatic adjustment of the tool’s settings, such as its torque or rotational speed, depending on the mounted drill head.

Using a Reader + Tag solution in power tools, such as drills, grinders, and pressure washers, enhances user experience and increases product safety and reliability. This solution allows manufacturers to easily add NFC connectivity to their existing product, which is ideal for them to design a new upgraded version at a low cost.

To find out more about the benefits of NFC for product configuration, select your industry and download the dedicated brochure:

How NFC can add value to your products, depending on your industry

Toothbrush with NFC

Healthcare & wellness

NFC tags used in this segment are very useful for consumers because they enable automatic product configuration thanks to the Reader + Tag solution.

For an electric toothbrush, an NFC reader can be integrated into the main unit and tag in the toothbrush heads sold by the brand. When the head is connected to the toothbrush, the main unit reads the tag content and is automatically configured to function at a precise rotation speed for example.

NFC technology enables a “tap & go” approach for end users, allowing convenient and user-friendly product configuration for consumers.


Power tools

Using a Reader + Tag configuration for power tools can enable innovative applications.

For example, a power drill can work with several accessories. Each accessory features an NFC tag, and the main unit of the power drill contains the reader. When the user connects the drill head to the device, it triggers an automatic adjustment of the device settings (rotation speed). This allows a quick and convenient product configuration and a good user experience.

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