ST is a long-term supplier to the industrial market and we have traditionally been strong in areas like home appliances and home and building automation.

In recent years, we have seen the evolution of the industrial market and we have invested significantly in technology – including SiC and GaN – as well as in vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. We have added industrial microprocessors, part of our STM32 family, which offers customers a compelling value proposition in Factory Automation applications. In addition, our line range of industrial sensors, many with a 10-year longevity, such as accelerometers, inclinometers, magnetic, pressure, proximity, and temperature sensors continues to grow, enabling new markets. And we provide an extensive portfolio of high-performance operational amplifiers and comparators, switching and linear regulators. For faster implementation, ST brings a comprehensive range of software and hardware evaluation tools to help reduce time and cost of development and design.

Maze Game

A motorized game lets a player control the tilt of a plate to move a small ball through the maze.

  • Multi-axis position control using low-voltage industrial servo drives
  • Complete ST solutions for high-end industrial applications with Ethernet real-time connectivity

ST Parts: STM32F767ZI, STDRIVE601, STH270N8F7

Humanoid Robot

A robot transformer shifting from humanoid to car shape, controlled by a smartphone app. In the car "mode", it can be moved as a radio controlled car.

  • Example of a real robotic application developed by ST Partners
  • Complex moving algorithm using ST devices
  • ST solution for robotic applications

ST Parts: STM32F103C8T6

4-Legged Walking Robot

A small walking 4-legged robot powered by ST motion control board and maxon motors as actuators.

  • Example of robotic motion-control solutions with ST EVALKIT-ROBOT-1
  • Precise position control using highly integrated ST devices
  • ST solution for robotic applications

ST Parts: STSPIN32F0, STL36DN6F7

Rotary Inverted Pendulum

Furuta rotary inverted pendulum is based on the STEVAL-EDUKIT01 and keeps the pendulum upright using a stepper motor on the vertical axis. The system can also control the direction and the speed to reach a target position.

  • The demo shows how the stepper-motor-control firmware can affect the performance of an inherently unstable control system
  • Enables experiments on stepper-motor-control as an example of a real complex application
  • Enables undergrad-level hands-on experience on an unstable control system problem

ST Parts: STM32F401, L6474PD

Mirror Robot Head

A robotic head sees and mimics visitor head movements and expressions.

  • ST image sensor, customized (or programmed) for computer vision and face analysis  
  • The imaging sensor is a new Global Shutter, ensuring a perfect image freeze, key for computer vision
  • Face analysis is sharp thanks to ST sensor high sensitivity even under Near-IR 940 nm illumination

ST Parts: New Global Shutter Image Sensor

Presence Detection

Advanced ToF Human Presence detection including user location in front of the device.

  • Latest generation FlightSense multizone new sensor allows human detection, user tracking and motion detection
  • Latest generation FlightSense combined with AI algorithms enables new features including Multi-user, Gesture detection, User intent
  • Low-power & wide Field-of-view. Fully compatible with Windows and INTEL ISH ecosystem

ST Parts: Latest generation FlightSense

Hand Tracking and Gesture

Single ToF sensor hand tracking and gesture recognition.

  • Latest generation FlightSense multizone sensor tracks hand motion and supports reliable gesture recognition
  • ST direct ToF technology allows robust User Gestures recognition with a 100% privacy
  • Low-power Gesture recognition

ST Parts: Latest generation FlightSense

Smart Shelves

Smart shelf provides real-time inventory status.

  • VL53L1 sensor enables counting of remaining goods on racks and automatic replenishment of inventory
  • Significant cost saving for retail shops by ensuring goods are always stocked
  • Programmable Field of View supports tracking of different-sized of goods in narrow or
    wide racks

ST Parts: VL53L1X on SensorTile

Memory Game

Memory game with automatic verification of the color sequence: "drop the colored poker chips in the slot in the same order as the color sequence. Match the sequence and you win!"

  • Smaller than a grain of rice, the VD6282 is the smallest color sensor available
  • Excellent sensitivity in low light on all 5 channels (R, G, B, IR, Clear)
  • VD6282 can be used to accurately calculate illuminance, chromaticity and color temperature

ST Parts: VD6282 (Contact an ST sales Rep for details)

SiC-Based HV Power Supply

SiC MOSFET enabled flyback topology 400 V-1200 V input to 48 V output. Can achieve 90 W without heat sink and 175 W with small heat sink. Targeted for industrial auxiliarly power supply.

  • SiC MOSFET enables low mechanical-cost flyback solution
  • Increased power density for high-voltage industrial auxiliary supplies
  • Wide input range covers breadth of standard industrial requirements world-wide


7.5 kW SiC Power Module

3-phase 7.5 kW motor drive for industrial applications based on ACEPACK1 with internal 1200 V Gen 2 SiC MOSFET 6-pack for high-power inverters.

  • High power-density motor drive using 1200 V Gen 2 SiC MOSFETs in compact ACEPACK1 module
  • Simple mechanical solution to reduce assembly size and costs


GaN MOSFET Display

Introduction to GaN power-switch development for high power-density power supplies.

  • Preview of new GaN MOSFETs in development
  • New 650 V and 100 V power MOS coming late 2020
  • Innovative bonding-free packages enabling high switching frequencies

ST Parts: GaN MOSFET (Contact an ST sales Rep for details)

Advanced Generation SiC MOSFETs Display 

Introducing third generation Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology, surpassing ST’s best in class 2nd generation planar devices.

  • 3rd generation coming late 2020
  • Comparison of figures-of-merit
  • Advanced packaging options for demanding industrial applications


NFC Experience Wall

NFC/RFID Readers and Tags to augment the Smart Home experience and increase supply-chain productivity.

  • NFC to connect and manage Smart Home devices to augment the Smart Home experience
  • NFC D-Tags to store parameter setting in production or warehouse, without connecting power or cables
  • NFC/RFID Tag ecosystem to add value to the entire supply chain

ST Parts: ST25

Data Center Power Delivery

High-efficiency and high-power-density power delivery for 54 V to regulated 12 V intermediate bus in modern data center.

  • Stacked Buck (STB) delivers an efficient, low-profile, high-density, intermediate conversion from 48 V/54 V to regulated 12 V power distribution bus
  • Stacked Buck (STB) offers a scalable architecture that can support up to 3.2 kW using four 800 W cells
  • Stacked Buck (STB) uses off the shelf components allowing extreme flexibility in the design and BOM selection

ST Parts: STPRDC02, PM6776

Switched Tank Converter (STC)

High-efficiency and high-power-density power delivery for 54 V to unregulated 12 V intermediate bus in modern data center.

  • Delivers an efficient, extremely low-profile, high-density, intermediate conversion from 48 V/54 V to an unregulated 12 V power distribution bus
  • Can deliver up to 1 kW power with different conversion ratio based on the specific power needs
  • Uses off the shelf components allowing extreme flexibility in the design and BOM selection


Digital Multiphase VR

12 V Multiphase controller for CPU and digital ASIC power delivery.

  • Digitally controlled multiphase solution delivers high-power to the most sophisticated digital loads maximizing efficiency and minimizing BOM count
  • ST solution implements a proprietary control loop that allows the fastest transient response under any working conditions fully compliant to latest generation Intel CPUs
  • ST offers a complete solution for CPU and DDR power delivery

ST Parts: PM6779 (in development), PM6776

MEMS Actuators Driving VR

A wide range of innovative augmented reality products based on ST’s unique MEMS actuator technology.

  • MEMS micromirror technology enables AR applications in visible and invisible projection.
  • Ultralight and small form factor MEMS speaker enables compact audio modules for wearables
  • Simultaneous detection and virtual image-projection driven by MEMS micromirror scanning system

ST Parts: MEMS Micromirror, Drivers, and High-Performance Sensors

Vein Viewing System

Accuvein AV500 portable vein viewing system is based on ST MEMS micromirrors.

  • ST actuation technology enables AR applications using both visible and invisible projection
  • Simultaneous vein detection and virtual image projection thanks to MEMS micromirror scanning system
  • Device qualified for medical applications

ST Parts: MEMS Micromirror and Drivers

Scent Dispenser and Skincare

AIRIA Scent Dispenser and Precision Skincare Device from P&G®.

  • High-precision dispensing of fragrances and cosmetics enable by ST MEMS microfluidic technology
  • Microfluidic technology allows release of lightweight microdroplets and tight control of dispensing
  • Fully mature technology, available in commercial products 

ST Parts: Microfluidic MEMS Devices (Contact an ST sales Rep for details)

Smart Air Filter

Cloud-enabled air-flow monitor and smart filter using ST BlueNRG-2 and pressure sensors.

  • ST eval kits plus filter-monitoring dashboard for filter health and ventilation system pressure
  • Full "end-to-end" system example with sensors, connectivity, and cloud-based application
  • ST pressure sensors and BlueNRG are the key building blocks for this innovative demo

ST Parts: BlueNRG-2, LPS22HH, STM32

Solutions for Industry 4.0

End-to-end sensor-to-cloud platform with ST Dev kits and AWS Cloud services. Various sensors and connectivity solutions are used, while processing and AI are distributed between the edge and the Cloud. 

  • Industrial sensors (most with 10-year longevity assurance) and sensing techniques applied to predictive maintenance 
  • AI at the Edge and Smart-sensor level
  • Platform security with STSAFE on STM32L4-powered node and TPM on STM32MP1


STM32Trust offers a robust multi-level strategy to enhance security in new product designs that utilize our STM32 Microcontrollers and STSAFE secure elements.

  • STM32Trust is the security framework combining our knowledge, ecosystem and security services
  • The STM32Trust solution offers a complete toolset for code and execution protection
  • STM32Trust ensures IP protection, data is secured, and validated credentials are used


STM32MP1 Microprocessor

STM32MP1 general-purpose microprocessor for embedded Linux and real-time applications.

  • Flexible multicore architecture addresses a wide range of markets and applications
  • Part of a robust ecosystem, which also includes a dedicated PMIC, for simplified development and accelerated time to market


Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking demonstration with STM32 MCU-based solutions, including NFC, Bluetooth® Low Energy and LPWAN with SigFox and LoRa®, GNSS for positioning, environmental and motion sensors with Machine Learning.

  • Ready solution for: NFC, Bluetooth® Low Energy, LoRa®, SigFox with cloud AWS or Tago-IO dashboard
  • Wide range of asset-tracking solutions with GNSS positioning, geo-fencing, and LPWAN connectivity
  • IMU with Machine Learning Core for Asset Tracking using

ST Parts: ST25DV, STM32WB, BlueNRG-2, STM32L0 LoRa® module, S2-LP, LSM6DSOX

Zigbee Mesh Using STM32WB

STM32WB Zigbee mesh network collecting data from ST25R NFC readers. TouchGFX on an STM32H747 will interact with attendees at each STM32WB Zigbee node.

  • STM32WB Zigbee nodes will be at each ST demo station
  • With the addition of Zigbee, the STM32WB is now a complete multiprotocol SoC solution
  • STM32WB is most powerful Bluetooth® 5.0 and 802.15.4 wireless SoC from ST

ST Parts: STM32WB, STM32WLST25R3916, STM32H747

ST60A2 RF Data Links

Wireless data link at 2.5 Gbps using ST60A2 to interconnect LED panels and demonstrating how ST60A2 Gigabit Ethernet modules can replace cables and RJ45 connectors.

  • ST60A2 transceiver pairs form contactless high-speed RF links transmitting data through air and solid materials
  • Eliminating physical connectors eases video wall panel installation and enables new form factors
  • Contactless ST60 data links are immune to EMI, ESD, environmental hazards,
    and mechanical stress

ST Parts: ST60A2G0

Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh

Certified ST Software Development Kit for Bluetooth® SIG Mesh for Industrial and Building Automation Applications. Extensive use of sensors and intelligence at the edge via ST’s BlueNRG and

  • ST Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG-certified Mesh features: lighting and sensor model, embedded provisioner, and ST SDK
  • and LSM6DSOX Machine Learning Core IMU with intelligence
    performed at the edge

ST Parts:, LSM6DSOX, BlueNRG Family

Voice Over Bluetooth® Low Energy

A voice-over Bluetooth® Low Energy activated remote control based on a low-cost Cortex®-M0 Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC with high-quality voice transmission.

  • Low power consumption, push to talk
  • Low cost BOM with Cortex®-M0

ST Parts: BlueNRG Family

Long-Range Bluetooth® Low Energy

Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 Long Range to enable point-to-point communication over long distances in smart home, building automation, and industrial applications.

  • Low power point-to-point communications for smart home, building automation and industrial
  • Low-cost Cortex®-M0 long-range solution

ST Parts: BlueNRG Family

STM32 Voice Solutions

STM32 Voice solutions for cost-effective and high-performance microcontrollers and microprocessors.

  • Enables Google and Amazon connected voice-assistant services in a single high-performance STM32MP1
  • Enabling cost-sensitive voice applications with STM32 and Amazon’s AVS Integration for AWS IoT Core
  • Scalable advanced audio-front-end processing may be used in standalone
    non-connected applications

ST Parts: STM32MP1STM32H7STM32F7STM32F4STM32L4, and more...

Wrist Tilt

Wrist tilt detected by the LSM6DSOX inertial sensor using its internal smart functions, enabling very low power consumption by the system (microcontroller always sleeping).

  • Finite State Machine and Machine Learning cores for gesture recognition within LSM6DSOX
  • Achieves ultra-low power consumption by off-loading computation from the MCU
  • Extensions available for all kinds of gestures: gym-activity recognition, screen switch off

ST Parts: LSM6DSOX and STM32

Lid-Angle Detection

360 degree lid-angle detection for foldable tablets, mobile phones and laptops, enabled by the LSM6DSOX.

  • Optimizes the display settings to guarantee the best user experience
  • Key advantages: tunable angle detection, robustness, low power, configurability


Smart Pen

Smart pen uses LSM6DSOX and Hillcrest Labs, a CEVA company, algorithm for pen gesture recognition and BlueNRG-2 for communication. 

  • Remote-control enabled thanks to the LSM6DSOX smart functions
  • Gesture recognition: tilt, flip, pickup of the pen and stable, unstable modes
  • Connected via BlueNRG-2 to Android OS, for real-time interaction with the screen

ST Parts: BlueNRG-2, LSM6DSOX